Watch the video. Paco and Pepe, the famous Supersabios from the comics, now appear in a cartoon movie. Determined to go to Saturn, they secretly build a space rocket. Despite their precautions, the rumor that they hide something spreads. I didn't know by the time when I see this movie on videotape , that the film was made in

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Comics culture in Mexico is far from being a modern phenomenon. Its roots may be traced back to many stages in Mexican history. Indeed, Mexican intellectuals such as Ilan Stavans agree that centuries old pre-Columbian codices and other ancient documents could be seen as primary sources of the comics culture in the country.

Political satire was quite a strong movement during the Porfiriato — Many newspapers became almost legendary because of their political comics and vignettes that were published during this era and during the subsequent Mexican Revolution From the s through the s, Mexico had a thriving comic-book industry with several diverse genres. Most of these books sold millions of copies during this era, which has often been cited as "The Golden Age of Comic Books in Mexico".

During the early eighties American superhero and sci-fi comics poured into Mexico. The cheaper costs of reprinting foreign titles combined with the perception that comics were only for kids, nearly wiped out indigenous comic books in the country. The only genre to survive, and even thrive, was a unique form of adult pulp comics.

In Mexico, adult comics go by a number of names, like "sensacionales" or "ghetto librettos. Most are sold cheaply at newsstands, either new or second-hand. Sensacionales are known for their lurid subject matter, with stories and images that can get very gory or pornographic — or even a combination of the two. In the s the Mexican comics industry began to be revived, importing again USA heroes comics and some national ones like Ultrapato , Tinieblas, Son of the Night and Penumbra.

The national industry went through many inner problems getting almost killed again. The only survivors went to magazines or newspapers mainly as comic strips but not as individual autonomous issues.

The most popular, like El Cerdotado or Buba have managed to get anthologies of their strips. In this decade, imported and translated original Japanese manga also began to arrive with titles like Dragon Ball and Video Girl Ai , which started a very successful trend of Spanish translated Japanese manga that has continued until recent times.

In the last years, with the immense popularity of manga across the world, the Mexican comic industry seems to getting back on track with Editorial Toukan whose whereabouts are uncertain at the moment and Editorial Vid publishing, along some USA comics, many new manga titles translated into Spanish. Manga has been one of the comic genres with the more growth in the last years. In recent Mexican comics the political satire is still quite strong and there are some attempts of new independent comics like Zeraky , El Bulbo , Caballo Negro , El Arsenal , Rebelde , Meteorix 5.

Other more recent comic stripes that have found some unusual success thanks to the relatively new technology of Social Networks to promote themselves in Twitter and Facebook respectively have been the titles Cindy La Regia by Ricardo Cucamonga and Jours de Papier From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Museo del Estanquillo , Mexico City. Mexico portal Comics portal. Glossary of comics terminology. Film comic Motion comic Photo comics Text comics.

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