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Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Uploaded by Mihai Munteanu.

Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Jan 27, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. BN, In acelasi timp, carta este extrem de tlds pentru elevide liceu recaptulri, pregatireapentra lucri de control, teze, olimpiade ete , pentru studenti in cadrul coursurilor practice de engleza pentru cei care urmeaza un curs particular de limba englezd sau vor si Invete limba englez3 pe cont prop.

Acesta, repetim, poate sisi aleaga amunitecapitole sau subcapitol. CConvinse c8 Limba englecd — de teste grilt este 0 cate ul, un instrument de lucra de neinfocuit, 0 edevarata suecesulti la examene si testi, v2. The Verb. There is 90 furniture in my room. Dean S00 th soernnen Working on 2 mans; b men: man 4. The police caught the burglars. The programme includes visting several 2 eles; b etyse cityes 7.

All strive tobe hoppy. The enone ive mainly in China. Momps eeu contagious wee ste : ominaes entertaining to py. Waiter, 0 please! The USA, worth visting by European atleast ones. The young wennmnvery energetic. The poor on The compasses used by pupils at school. He gave her a bunch of. We could se ens tthe The commie There were lots of. Could you give me a of chocolate, please? There's of fish swimming among the stones!

He's in low 2 spirits; 6 sprites spirit 66, What's th sonrw OF this book? OF thunder, that the baby got scared and started to ery.

After saving the boy, she was considered a They could hear the dog-wolf andthe 2 bitch-wolf b she-woif; c anny-wolt BL. There were five waiters and only one in the restaurant. Ths par of frogs must be made up ofa male fog and a 4 she-frog b fomale frogs lady frog , Tere are not only ducks, but also That stallion and tha vnnn Were the happy parents of a newly bor colt 2 mare; b horse; c she-stallion were called infor instruction 2 woman-policeman: b policewomen c policewoman 89, Their neighbours were a man-doctor and 2 1 doctoess; b she-doctor c woman-doctor The most authoriara animals th jungle may be the on ad the 8 lioness; b lonine; c shelion every night Case Green's; b Mr.

The two people over there are parents. Can't you see, that's not yours. It is 8 the purse of somebody else; b somebody else's purse; the somebody else's purse AL ve o'clock, Englishmen are used to"having the 8 afternoon tea; b afternoon's tea; c ea of the afternoon This i a pte OF nn He made i himself. Td be nice to have the chance to swim in Mediterranean Sea 8 a the Ana 2 the; a UB.

She is sv sv Ester a an; b 5 the 1a Westninser Abbey is impressive. She is 2 good advisor, on All the family meet at inner every day. The more we were listening to the story, more fascinated we were. She read the book from He couldn't stand chance to take par in the contest.

When she was younger, she was in habit of jogging every morning. High heeled boots are fashion this winter. You may never use this noun in a the: b se She has genias for igs. He is pad by Finally she lost He worked industrously nd made We took nice halhour walk. We invited Me, Dean, father of the twins. She's never been able to keep up correspondence, a a; 8 thes , Thies There nt veo water fo all the citizens ofthe village.

Animals were living on bank ofthe river all b both; e either , You may choose cake, Take the one you like the beter ether; b alle bot HW ores fut do you want me to buy fr the party? Theor ha. The board rejected both proposals yesterday. You owe me ek ' 3. He was born on the nun OF January. This semester, we ar studying the English iterature ofthe seventy; b seventeen; seventies , The sales ofthe product has only reached percent of wu on the market.

Ter office isin a sky-scraper, on '2 floor 21; b the 21th floor the 21st floor Although itisa smal town itis a population of Look, there's 20 of us present. Of White horses. Stop that argument and behave 1 5 oneself; b yourself herself DBT sig Sawing heavily. Wie are enjoying Jota ti fancy dress ball. The sun is shining. Neliher he nor his wife is coming to the reception. Yes, i's a o 8 golden: b pol goldy Mind your words! She's Very nv. She only threw a short back to bed.

The population of our counzy ten years ago was diferent fom the wen population 8 setual;b actually; c current He swallowed some poison and died 8 deadly; b dead c deadly , There is 2 small number of people in Europe nowadays, 4 literate; b unliterste; e inliterate , Things like love and faithfulness ae ne him.

Fe took up smoking out oT. Oly may God! He's 2s dead wnonnoiiom 12 docerail b doorframe; c doormat , When they were younger, the 80 Fora walk, have the afteroon tea downtown and then take the am back home every Sunday.

I's only cof opinion. Don't even think about telling it secret, 8 high; b extras top He's lle bt oF 2.



Embed Size px x x x x The tests, as well as the written exam, will include a theoretical and a practical part. The questions in the practical part will refer to the aspects listed below. In order to take the written exam in the exam session, you have to take the preliminary tests and to hand in the written tasks in due time.


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