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NOTE A completely revised and expanded edition of this text is now available in print. John Dee and Edward Kelly A. This book or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from the editor. Annael foretells the coming Actions 1. First Action. March 10, Edward Talbot Edward Kelley arrives and invokes Anchor. Uriel appears. Dee inquires about the Book of Soyga. A false revelation of the gold sigil 2.

Second Action. Mar 10, later. Dee inquires again about Soyga. Uriel refers him to Michael. Sigillum Dei described. The holy table shown. Lundrumguffa, a wicked spirit, to be discharged 3. Third Action. Mar Uriel and Michael expel Lundrumguffa 4. Fourth Action. Uriel and Michael appear. A host with letters. The Angel of a man's profession resembling John Dee. The ring of Solomon revealed. Fifth Action. Salamian, Raphael, Fortitudo Dei and Uriel appear. Mamon and his servants expelled. Magical instructions given.

Sixth Action. Mar Date uncertain. Michael, Uriel and Semiel appear. The form of the Sigil described. Forty angels appear and reveal 40 letters for the sigil's border 7. Seventh Action. Later, same day. Michael corrects several errors. The interpretation of the 40 letters given 8. Eighth Action. Michael appears. More instruction concerning the 40 letters. Adam's Treatise from Paradise to be revealed 9. Ninth Action. Uriel appears and defers the action until later Tenth Action. Mar 20, later. Michael and Uriel appear.

Seven names extracted from the 40 letters. These are corrected. Symbols for the 7 angles of the Sigil are revealed. A table of 49 letters is revealed, from which are extracted the names of 7 angels. Talbot to fetch Lord Mowntegle's books Eleventh Action.

Phanael, an angelic trumpeter. Seven companies of pillars. Twelfth Action. Apr 28, The first of seven talismans revealed. Thirteenth Action. Apr 28, later. The other six talismans revealed Fourteenth Action. Apr The seven tables of the mystical heptarchy are revealed. Offices of the angels described. Fifteenth Action. May 4. A parable of two birds is seen as a vision. Sixteenth Action. Nov 15, Seven angels appear. Carmara appears. His office. Balanced and unbalanced kings. True and impure noblemen.

Scholars of light and scholars of confusion. Hagonel appears. His instruction. Note by E. Ashmole about the beginning of Liber IV Seventeenth Action. Nov An angel with a triple crown appears with seven angels. Bornogo and Befafes Eighteenth Action. Nov 16, later. Offices of angels Butmono, Bralges, Blisdon.

The 7 characters of the kings Nineteenth Action. A company of 42 angels reveal a table of 42 letters Twentieth Action. Nov 17, later. Magical instruction Twenty-first Action. Carmara, Bobogel and Babalel appear. A company of 42 angels reveal 42 letters. Twenty-second Action. Carmara, Babalel and Befafes appear. Their offices revealed.


Quinti Libri Mysteriorum (MS. Sloane 3188) by John Dee



Mysteriorum Libri Quinque


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