We cannot see anything in the Mission Planner Radio Calibration. Is there a guide how to get it working? There is an option in the controller menu that says PPM output and it is turned on. Not sure if it works though. Looking at the spec it has no CPPM support. Replacement receivers cost 40 euro and the transmitter 95 euro.

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Interested to hear about others' experience pertaining to integration between camera and Reach Has someone done this integration? If yes, assuming it requires a hot shoe adapter to link the camera trigger with the RTK unit Is the integration necessary? Or is it possible to instead coordinate the timestamp between the UAV's photolog and the RTK unit in the post-processing phase? Read full topic. AndyM wrote:. I'm looking to control a large number of channels using the Navio board, as many as it can really.

As an example, say on the UAV I have 8 channels 4 flight surfaces and 4 motors. I'd like each motor and surface to have its own receiver output rather than using y harnesses, but I'd also like to only transmit 4 channels. So lets say there's no Navio and it's a regular RC plane - I could plug everything in to the receiver all 8 channels and mix on my controller so everything is just controlled using the sticks.

I'm transmitting 8 channels in this scenario. Is it possible for Navio to do this mixing and output 8 channels, while only transmitting 4 channels from the transmitter? I may not have explained it as clearly as I should have so please let me know I'm not getting my point across.

Vava wrote:. We're trying to get the RC input to work with Navio2. We cannot see anything in the Mission Planner Radio Calibration. Is there a guide how to get it working? We're really new to this stuff so learning as we do. Install Navio Image, Enable picamera using raspi-config, install python-picamera, install apm-navio. Pi won't reboot, Green LED flashing 7 times. Is there anyway of stopping the sudo ArduCopter-quad -A udp etc from running without pulling the power out?

I tried to resolder the one not beeing calibrated, and I have tried swapping motors with one that does calibrate. When I look close at the ESC that will not calibrate, it looks like one of the capacitors are broken brighter red then the other capasitors.

Hello, I want to use my rover module in a drone and the base module in the ground in a known position and then do the post-processing correction.

I would like to configure set my base module. How should I set the base using the ReachView? Sorry, but new users cannot upload images and I would like to do that to ask you in more detail. I've built a pixhawk powered unmanned boat which is equipped with a Windows running computer, a USB echologger sonar unit and I have some reach modules. I would like to interface the pixhawk and reach per the documentation on this site sending the corrections over telemetry - but also connect the computer to the reach so it can read the corrected solution in a NMEA stream.

I known the pixhawk uses the serial port - so is there any way add dual solution outputs on this? This morning until I got great fix data. But suddenly ar validation is under 3. Waiting about 30 minutes, then got fix again. Until about 12am, ar validation got under 3 again. Then, suddenly fix again. So I often turn off the rover then turn it on again. I use ntrip mode with my reach as the base station. Is there any explanation for this problem? I ordered and paid a reach rtk kit because of a school project at 16 december , I know that the reach modules were out of stock but does someone know when emlid is going to ship the reach rtk kits?

I config in the correct way my reach with the network of my samsung smartphone and using Internet connection of my mobile phone everything works perfectly get rtk fix using NTRIP correction from GNSS network of University. Now I would like to connect using usb cable my device to my desktop at home and config the unit with my home wifi network my idea is to create a base station with the antenna on top of my roof but I'm not able to do this.

Guiboy wrote:. Hello I currently use a RPi Cam V2 for streaming video but up to now I did not find yet the perfect raspivid parameters to make it as good looking as an action camera.

The quality is as well very dependant on light orientation : colors can completely change if you vary yaw of several degrees! By the way, the RPI cam ribbon cable is not easily compatible with yaw and roll stabilization due to its thick flat semi rigid shape.

This makes my gimbal motors be unable to stabilize cam in high angles too high force needed. I have seen some youtube videos made with Mobius cam which are rendering good quality. I ask myself 2 questions: - What are the best "good looking" parameters to use with RPI cam v2?

How was the result? I'm confused Some day get correction from radio. Now, I'm trying my radio, no correction received. Hi, now I'm going to measure a piece of land with single method. After my radio cannot transmit the correction. I will share the result. However, the serial port in my Pixhawk is taken for other needs. Hi community!! I am trying to build a quad-copter with the navio2 kit and my RPI 3.

I am new to this subject so I did some research. I know that I do not need the flight controller but besides that, the kit seems very complete and has everything I need to build the drone. If anyone can see the kit and tell me if it is good for navio2, I will really appreciated. Also if anyone has a better option please tell me. Here is a summary of the kit:. The vertical precision is great, but I suppose that is a best case scenario, I suppose I'm grasping for others' experience with this on a quad?

I have two navio boards. One is working fine when I arm it, and the second is consistently giving an pre-arm check error: Gyros still settling.

This error stays for a long time without moving the drone as needed to settle the gyros , then I am able to arm for some time. After some time, it stops arming with the same pre-arm check error. I tried to restart and always the same problem.

Shaddow wrote:. Here's a couple of items that would help with camera integration on the Reach. For the short term, could we add the ability to trigger a camera based on distance travelled as an option? The current period based trigger is ok, but being able to specify distances would be useful. Ultimately, I'd like to be able to connect to a Solo or any pixhawk via Mavlink so we can capture the camera trigger command and fire off a shot and use ground control planning software to setup the survey.

This could be accomplished by either using a serial connection to the accessory bay connector on Solo or by connection to the Solo's wifi network.

Since I'm powering Reach with the accessory bay connector, that would be my preference as wifi problems wouldn't cause an issue.

Ultimately, if Reach was able to integrate USB communications with the camera, we could put the positions in the images if we're doing RTK or write the exact time stamp in EXIF, making post-processing a little easier.

Perhaps if we could integrate storage, images and logs could be copied to external storage. Anyone have a better idea to integrate Reach with Solo for surveying? Others have used companion computers to interface, but since we've already got a Reach, why not use it? Latest Popular Top Rated Trending.

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AndyM wrote: Hi, I'm looking to control a large number of channels using the Navio board, as many as it can really. Cheers, Andy Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic. Vava wrote: Hello! I have exaclty the same setup on my Pi2 without the navio board plugged in and it works fine.

Any ideas? Cheers, Rob Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic. Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic. The ESC will run the motor "normally", it just wont calibrate.

Has anyone seen this before?


Jamara FCX6 (PC programmable radio)

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