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Quick Links. See also: Service Manual. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is sub-. Table of Contents. Operation is sub- ject to the following two conditions: 1 This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. To provide the recipients of your D Battery case— Page Repeater Operation Direct frequency input from the key- pad is also available. Setting frequency In VFO mode, set the desired operating frequency with other desired settings, such as repeater and subaudible tone.

Attach the belt clip with the supplied screws using a phillips screwdriver. To attach the belt clip D Handstrap Not supplied Slide the hand strap through the loop on the top of the rear panel as illustrated below.

BEEP T. SCAN channel selection, etc. FUNC pgs. Only tested and approved for use with genuine Icom bat- teries. Turn power OFF. The following items are additionally required. See next set of instructions for setting tuning step size. The display type is selected in p. Page Repeater Operation When the reversed duplex mode is selected, the receive fre- quency shifts.

Transmit frequency shifts in normal duplex mode. Each receive and transmit frequency is shown in the table below with the following conditions; IC-V82 Input frequency : The offset and repeater tone frequencies are not changed by the auto repeater function. Each of these channels can be individually programmed with op- erating frequency pgs. Each mem- ory channel, 0 to , may be assigned to one of the banks for easy memory management. DTMF memories are used to store phone numbers or control codes.

Program them in the same manner as regular memory channels. Page Scan Resume Condition D Memory scan watch While operating on a VFO frequency, memory scan watch monitors for signals in each memory channel in sequence, every 5 sec. You can wait for calls from group members using the same tone and not hear other signals. Page 47 D Setting subaudible tones for tone squelch operation Separate tone frequencies can be select for tone squelch op- eration rather than repeater operation the same range of tones is available— see right below.

Pager selective code push [PTT] Answer back manual Set both transceivers to either code squelch or non-coded operation Up to 6 transmit codes codes that you transmit are pro- grammable into code channels, C1 to C6, if required.

Page 55 D D Your call sign note programming You can add information to your own call sign such as oper- ating radio type or area. Call sign notes are coupled with the same channel number of your own call signs, and they are transmitted or indicated after your own call signs.

In the EMR communication mode, no call sign set- ting is necessary. The digital code or call sign squelch does not function while in a low- speed data communication. This system provides you with much wider coverage range during digital voice mode operation. Page 67 D D Auto Rx call sign Display When an individual station call is received, the calling station call sign can be indicated automatically.

When this setting is set to ON, the transceiver automatically indicates your programmed call sign at turning power ON or digital mode transmission. The GPS message is transmitted from Tx message channels. The position data can also be transmitted with a message to another station.

Total of codes are available. When receiving signals, the scan pauses according to the scan pause time. Page 74 approx. This setting can be set for each memory, call and VFO inde- pendently. The offset and repeater tone is not changed by the auto repeater function. Reset these frequencies, if necessary. At : Duty cycle changes automatically. Microphone simple mode is used to change the function as- signments for keys in the optional HMA as below.

This setting allows you to set a minimum signal level needs to open the squelch. This may be caused externally by static electricity or by other factors. If this problem occurs, turn power OFF. After waiting a few seconds, turn power ON again. Page Cloning Cloning allows you to quickly and easily transfer the pro- grammed contents from one transceiver to another trans- ceiver.

Insert the connector firmly to avoid a bad contact. Transmit at 7 W High at 4 W Middle 2. Transmit at 5 W High at 2 W Middle 1. BPN 7. Some options may not be available in some countries. Please ask your dealer for details. Page 94 We Icom Inc. Page 95 We Icom Inc. This manual is also suitable for: Ic-u Print page 1 Print document 96 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account?

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ICOM IC-V82 User Manual

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Icom IC-V82 user manual


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