Why is Hongdae so popular? Where do men and women buy clothes in Korea? What kind of beauty shops are in Hongdae? When tourists visit they often get lost here so today I prepared maps of Hongdae that you can look at when traveling to Korea. The majority of people might think that the Hongdae district of Seoul is just for buying clothes and eating good food but this is not entirely true.

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Check out the useful guide here to know more about this amazing place with photos and grab one of the solutions from here to get there. Some of them called Hongik University as Hongdae. They are same. Trick eye museum is a fun museum that offer various types of 3D wall painting to allow visitor interact with it and have fun with the magical wallpapers.

You will be surprised after watched the photos that you have interacted with the 3D pictures. This is truly an amazing place for you to take funny pictures in the museum to keep it as an unforgettable memory.

Check the guide here to know more about Trick Eye Museum and methods to go there. The art market is organized to offer talented designers and artists to sell their unique handmade items and creative artwork. From there you can find variety of hair accessories, beautiful postal cards, craftsman key chain, card holders, necklace, earrings, mini bags and others.

Hence, allocate some time to wander around this market and buy some souvenirs that you like the most. Free Market. This university makes the surrounding streets become very happening and full of energetic. You will notice many college students roaming around these happening streets. This is the place where you can get a chance to see the talented youngsters perform K-POP dance and singing along the street. Moreover, it is a great area for you to walk around at the late evening and night-time to enjoy the guys and girls who are singing or dancing along the walking street.

There are many street arts in this area where tourists will take a selfie with it. If you interested to see the murals, you can go to the small alley which is just right to the front gate of Hongik University. In there, you will see many colorful wall paintings along the small alley. Apart from street performance, you can find many choices of fashion clothing, cosmetics, trendy shoes, bags, women accessories and phone accessories all around here. There are many fashion clothing stores in here that you can spend some time to shop around.

Therefore, it is one of the best shopping district in Seoul and good for shopper who are looking for affordable price of fashionable goods. Other than this, there are variety of tasty street foods in these awesome streets that allow you to try on it when you feel hungry after wandered around for some time. When you walk around these streets, you will discover many selections of restaurants in here.

So, you can easily locate restaurants in this place to fill up your stomach if you feel hungry. There are several juice shops, coffee shops, cafes and bars in these busy streets. So, you can buy some drinks and snacks at the shop and sit there for relaxing meanwhile enjoying the vibrant surrounding atmosphere. Although this area pretty crowded at weekends especially night-time but it is worth to pay a visit in order to experience shopping fun and explore different kind of things at this youthful area.

In short, Hongik University Street is suitable for travelers who are looking for a place to experience sightseeing , eating and shopping in Seoul. You may take subway to Hongdae if you are looking for a budget way to reach there. Then, look for Exit 9 and take a short walk to the happening streets. Below are step by step guides walk to Hongik University Street from the underground station. Click here to see a clearer map. As you walk straight, you will pass the IBK Bank on your left. Continue straight until you see the CU convenient store on your left.

After turned left, soon you will notice the Forever 21 clothing Store located on your right and the Angel-in-us coffee shop on the left. You can start to stroll along the street because you already in Hongik Street. The main entrance of Hongik University is located at the end of the street. There are some small alleys located on the left and right of the street. When you walk in the alley, you notice many choices of restaurants to let you choose to eat.

Furthermore, there are coffee shops, cafe and bars in there too. Hence, do allocate some time to wander around these happening streets. Basically, there are two simple methods to allow you easier to communicate with Seoul Taxi Driver and make them easier to catch that you wish to go to Hongik Univerity Street. The first method is showing them the main gate of Hongik University with photo and second method is using google street view to illustrate the front gate of the university.

The reason to choose to drop you at the main gate of the university is because the popular street just located in front of it. Throughout the image and showing the Korean address of the university will assist the Korean taxi driver easy to identify the location that you interested to visit. There are many taxis available in the surrounding because this is one of famous places in Seoul and many tourists will come to here.

Do remember to keep your hotel name card in your pocket so that you can show the taxi driver when you want to go back to your hotel by taxi.

If you are seeking for a convenient transportation to Hongik University happening street with affordable price, then you can consider taking Sightseeing Tour Bus in Seoul.

Taking the Sightseeing bus allows you to get unlimited ride to different tourist attractions within a day in order to save your pocket money. It will bring you to this place and other tourist spots in Seoul so that you can skip to take underground train.

In addition, it also good for those who want to explore multiple hot spots in Seoul with simple and less walking. By taking the tour bus, you can explore the surrounding of the Seoul City and save your time to navigate the subway stations and learn to use it. This can help you to save your travelling time and easy to access the destinations that you wish to go without hassle. If you know that the places that you interested to visit and want a comfortable way to reach there without wasting your energy , then this private car service is suitable for you.

This private car service can provide you relax and take a good rest in car during the journey to the Hongdae. It good for those who will travel with kids and elderly. So, they can have maximum energy to walk around these vibrant streets without easily to get tired.

Hence, you can customize your itinerary and go to the places that you love to visit. Private Car Service is suitable for a group of family members or friends because it will be cheaper if more people go together. On the other hand, if you go by 2 people then it will be costly.

Did you know that booking your attraction tickets online can help you save a lot of money? When you book your tickets from Klook , you can get cheaper rates compared to buying over the ticketing counters. Klook is a very popular and trusted travel booking platform that offers many discounted attraction tickets.

Therefore, many travellers included myself always go to their website to book attraction tickets. This is because the attraction tickets offer by them are much cheaper than buying the tickets at the ticketing counters of attractions. Plus, the tickets booked from Klook can give visitors to skip the long waiting lines at ticketing counter. This surely can help many travellers and you to save more time and money!

Other than this, many travellers often visit their website to book Nami Island Day Tour , rent a Pocket WiFi and look for the transport services such as airport transfer.

In summarize, Hongdae is worth for you to allocate some time to visit this place when you come to Seoul. This is the area where you can get an opportunity to taste different kind of Korean foods , shopping , street performances, entertainments and explore urban arts. Got an idea what to do in there and which transportation service is suitable for you to get there?

Share it in the comments below. Looking for the best area to stay in Seoul? You can read my highly suggested place to stay in Seoul so that you can easy to access subway station and convenient for shopping and eating. Send me an email when the author replied my comment. Please take note your comment only will show on this blog post after approved by me to prevent spam comments. Curious what things to do in Hongdae and how to go there? Click here to see all discounted attraction ticket prices for Seoul.


Top 4 Shopping Streets in Seoul – Myeongdong, Hongdae, Ewha, Dongdaemun

Check out the useful guide here to know more about this amazing place with photos and grab one of the solutions from here to get there. Some of them called Hongik University as Hongdae. They are same. Trick eye museum is a fun museum that offer various types of 3D wall painting to allow visitor interact with it and have fun with the magical wallpapers. You will be surprised after watched the photos that you have interacted with the 3D pictures.


Hongdae shopping map

It is known for its urban arts and indie music culture, local shops, clubs and entertainment. The area is located in Mapo-gu in the western end of Seoul, stretching from Seogyo-dong to Hapjeong-dong. The term 'hongdae' is usually used in regards to Hongik University which has one of the nation's top fine arts colleges in South Korea. Under the influence of Hongik University Hongdae which is well known for its prestigious art college, the neighborhood was built on a foundation of artistic souls since the s. In the early days, thanks to then-cheap rent, budget musicians and street artists started moving into the ateliers of the Hongdae area. In the true sense of the word, the Korean Indie scene started from the two bands, Sister's Barbershop and Crying Nut at Hongdae in the mids.


What Things To Do In Hongdae and How To Go There? (Guide)



Hongdae, Seoul


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