LINK page 80 - About x. Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. Table of Contents. Digital HD Videocassette Recorder. Basic Operations

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LINK About x. Oper atin g Guid e. Getting Start ed Basi c Opera tions. Custom izing your VCR Troubles hooting Ad ditio nal Info rma tio n Quick Reference The model and ser ial numbers are l ocated on t he. Record th e serial number in the space. Refer to thes e numbers whenever. To reduce f ire or shock hazard , do. This symbol is intended to ale rt. Seri al No. A pol arized plug. A groundi ng type p lug has two blade s and a. The w ide blade or t he third pro ng are pro vided for your safet y.

If the. Ser vicing is requi red when the app aratus. Befo re operat ing the uni t, plea se read this. Excessive sound pressu re from. If the batt ery p ack is m ishand led, th e. Obser ve the foll owin g. Replace the battery with the. Otherwise, fire. Do not use th e AC Ad aptor p lace d in a. Use the ne arby wal l outlet wall sock et. Disc onnect the. AC Adapto r from th e wall outlet wall. For mo re inf orma tion re ga rding. Caut ion: Do not handle damaged or leaking.

Lithium-Io n batteries. This d evice comp lies w ith Pa rt 15 of the. FCC Ru les. Opera tion i s subjec t to t he. This Cla ss B digi tal a ppar atus comp lies. For custome rs in the U. UL i s an inte rnat ional ly r ecogn ized safe ty. The UL Mark on t he product means it has. If you have a ny questions abo ut this.

Sony Cust omer Infor mation C enter The numb er be low is f or the F CC rel ated. Regula tory Inform ation. You are cautioned th at any changes or. This equipment has b een tested and found t o. These limits are designed to prov ide reasonable.

Th is equipm ent generates,. However, there is no guarantee that interference. If this. The supplied interface cable must be us ed with the. For custom ers in the U. Declaration of Co nformity. Responsible Party: Sony Electronics Inc. Telephone number: This device complie s with Part 15 of the FCC. Operation is s ubject to the fo llowing two. Cont inue d ,. A mou lded plug co mplying with BS is. Should th e fuse in the plu g supplied nee d to.

BSI t o BS i. If the plug suppl ied with t his equi pment has. Never use t he plug without the fuse cover. If you should lose the fuse cover, p lease. The ma nufactu rer of this prod uct is Sony. Corpora tion, Kona n Minato-ku. Tokyo, Japa n. The Aut horized. Repre sen tati ve fo r EMC an d prod uct sa fety. Strasse 61, 27 Stuttgart, Germany. This produ ct has been te sted and found. EMC Dir ectiv e for using c onne ction cabl es.

If static electrici ty or electromagnetism causes. Elect ronic Equipm ent. App licable in t he Euro pean. Unio n and oth er Europ ean. This symbo l on the product or on i ts. Instead it. By ensur ing this p roduct is disposed of. The recyclin g of materials. For more de tailed info rmation ab out. Applicab le Accessor y: Remot e. Type s of cassett e you can use in your. You can use mi ni D V cas sett es m arked.

Your VCR is not co mpatib le. For cu sto mers in Eu rope. Read thi s fir st Cont inued. This size ca n be used with your VCR.

You canno t use it in your VCR. Pushing the plug f orcibly into the ter minal. Abou t menu it ems and t he LCD pa nel. How ever, th ere may be. These po ints are norm al results of the. LCD panel Batte ry pac k. About la nguage setting. Change the sc reen. About tempera ture of yo ur VCR and. VCR or ba ttery pack r eaches a cer tain. In t his c ase, a messag e appe ars on the. T o view re corded.


Sony GV-HD700 User Manual

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Sony Hdv Video Walkman Gv Hd700E Users Manual HD700/1, HD700E/1

LINK About x. Oper atin g Guid e. Getting Start ed Basi c Opera tions. Custom izing your VCR


Sony GV-HD700 Operating Manual



GV-HD700 (serv.man3) — Sony VCR Service Manual (repair manual)


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