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Human being is one of the most important sources of causative forces of events that assemble economical processes. Working out the effective tools that enable measurement of the impact of people on socio-economic processes is necessary in analyzing, troubleshooting and forecasting.

In the article the issues of calculating propensities by means of properly specified econometrics models were presented. The definition of propensity was introduced. Questions connected with topic of propensities were presented in context of concepts promoted by Szczecin school of econometrics pentagon of sources of causative forces, types of relationships in economics, geometric interpretation of personality, broom of events.

Econometric models, useful in analyzing propensities, were classified on primary models, econometrics models of average propensities and econometrics models of marginal propensities. Connections between the models were described.

Settlement of analytical shapes of characterized models was mentioned. In an empirical example the presented methods were used to analyze average and marginal propensity to consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco in the households of employees in manual labour positions in Poland in years Gajda, J.

Warszawa: Wydawnictwo C. Hirschman, A. Hozer, J. Tempus locus homo casus et fortuna regit factum. Warszawa: PWE. Janaszak, T. Popper, K. Samuelson, P. Warszawa: PWN. Theil, H. Zasady ekonometrii. Borkowski, B. Doctorate thesis. Home About us Subject Areas Contacts. Advanced Search Help.

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