EVA Dual controller enclosure. With built in virtualization, it is designed to improve capacity utilization and be easy to manage, which lowers the cost of ownership compared to traditional arrays. It has high performance, scales easily, and is highly reliable and available. It provides broad operating system support with proven integration with major applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Oracle and SAP.

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HP StorageWorks E HP StorageWorks Enterp HP StorageWorks HP P Enterprise Vi HP StorageWorks i HP StorageWorks Virtua HP StorageWorks Comman With built in virtualization, it is designed to improve capacity utilization and be easy to manage, which lowers the cost of ownership compared to traditional arrays.

It has high performance, scales easily, and is highly reliable and available. It provides broad operating system support with proven integration with major applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Oracle and SAP. HP's data shows that most customers are achieving Virtual disk data load leveling non-disruptive background activity Distributed sparing of disk capacity Redundant FC-AL loops from each controller to dual disk ports Support for remote replications between current EVA generations Migration support via remote replications between current and earlier EVA generations Dual redundant controller operation for increased fault tolerance Robust local and remote replication capabilities with Business Copy and Continuous Access EVA High availability with hot plug drives, power supplies, fans, and industry failover software Multiple Bus Failover Support using industry popular multiple path software.

The EVA is also available with an embedded SAN switch for each controller, for a total of two switches per enclosure. EVA configurations allow a wide range of configuration options, including flexible factory rackmounting options in either a standard 42U cabinet based on the HP G2 Series Rack or a choice of 42U extended and 36U and 22U heights.

EVA is available in pre-configured Starter Kit configurations. NOTE: Customers who have completed the necessary training or who have gained the necessary experience with these environments may decide to not purchase the recommended Installation and Startup services. However some installation and startup services are required. Thus, enabling business protection against unforeseen events. At the core of providing long distance data services is the ability to copy, move and replicate data locally and over long distances.

It incorporates Virtually Capacity-free Snapshot Vsnaps , standard snapshots and Snapclone capabilities. Business Copy EVA creates point-in-time copies of storage volumes, called Business Continuance Volumes BCVs using the snapshot and cloning capabilities of the array firmware and provides multi-array local mirror management.

This product is indispensable for critical data center operations such as non-disruptive backups, frequent snapshots of high value databases, and data mining. The bottom line benefits include improved disk capacity utilization and increased business continuity, data availability, and productivity savings. Additional features include licensing based on replicated not total raw capacity and a new improved management interface.

By virtually removing the complexity associated with both small and large replication environments, point-in-time copies and remote replication are managed and configured with just a few mouse clicks. To assist the user, Information on the replication environment is presented in a variety of views, including an interactive topology manager that allows each user to select their viewing preference.

In addition, HP Replication Solutions Manager provides a scripting interface for additional flexibility. HP with Oracle Replication Solutions Manager will provide a graphical interface to view the components of the database to be replicated, and allow selection of a specified database. The replication manager will automatically suspend the Oracle application, and take a point in time copy local or remote of all associated array virtual disks.

The replication manager will provide the option to restart the original Oracle database after the replicas have been initiated on the array. The user will be able to utilize the replication manager to present the replica to another host. Designed for the enterprise market, EVA Dynamic Capacity Management Software uses advanced automation to automatically "right-size" the file system and storage volumes to ensure the highest levels of capacity utilization are achieved while reducing ongoing storage administration needs.

Here are descriptions of two such solutions: JD Edwards The HP and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solution leveraging the HP BladeSystem and HP StorageWorks EVA, offers a single database and pre-integrated applications that help companies manage the core processes involving finances, people and equipment enabling them to make the best use of information and resources throughout the business.

The HP and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solution provides capabilities across a breadth of business processes, including customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management and supplier relationship management. This right-sized, affordable business technology is built on a unified architecture with a single Oracle Database-providing a comprehensive, integrated set of business management and planning applications that allow organizations to manage their end-to end operations.

HP Storage Essentials Suite delivers integrated heterogeneous and multivendor functionality for network Arrays, DAS, SAN, NAS, HBAs, switches management, storage resource management, reporting, business application and backup monitoring, capacity metering, provisioning and application infrastructure monitoring. A unified and simplified interface helps EVA administrators performance picture of their EVA storage, hosts and SAN infrastructure with real-time monitoring, historical trend analysis and trend extrapolation.

Integrating seamlessly into existing backup applications and processes by emulating popular tape libraries and tape drive formats, the HP VLS EVA Gateway matches the existing data protection environment, removing the need to change backup software or monitoring policies. By emulating multiple tape drives simultaneously, more backup jobs can be done in parallel resulting in reduced backup times and, because the data resides on disk, single file restores are exceptionally fast.

The result is the ability to vastly increase scale yet reduce the complexity of shared storage while maintaining the manageability of the system. MPX 's enterprise-class high-availability design provides dual hot-plug power supplies and router blades for no single point of failure. This integration greatly reduces the cost of connecting servers to centrally managed storage and helps provide a cost-effective solution to introduce utility computing into the enterprise.

An EVA with multi-protocol support also provides network storage at reduced infrastructure costs. Small and medium businesses now have a lower entry point to take advantage of SAN benefits. Large enterprises may also deploy multi-protocol SANs in departments and remote offices. Provides customers a flexible and cost effective way to connect stranded servers to existing Fibre Channel storage, increasing return on investment.

Enterprise-class high availability design provides dual hot-plug power supplies and router blades for no single point of failure. Modular software and hardware design enables easy upgrades to enable additional protocols or to add more ports.

Advanced installation and configuration wizards allow set up in less than 25 minutes. Power efficient: typically dissipates W for a dual blade configuration. It allows customers to transparently increase application throughput far in excess of traditional NAS products and easily grow storage capacity online without service disruption.

HP SIM runs on HP Windows, Linux, and HP-UX and provides discovery and identification, fault management, security administration, asset reporting, and centralized configuration management across heterogeneous servers, storage and infrastructure. HP SIM may also be configured to launch array specific applications for configuration, reporting and replication. Use of single-pathing, which does not offer a redundant path option, should be used with care.

Enclosure Capacity The EVA provides one of the highest density disk storage solutions in its class of product. The minimum number of SSDs supported is 6 and the maximum is 8 per array.

SSD are supported with Vraid 5 only. The EVA supports up to 96 disk drives. HP recommends using the same drive type the same capacity within a disk group because virtualization allocates space proportionate to the highest capacity drive within the group.

A minimum of eight high performance Fibre Channel drives are required in a configuration using high performance drives.

FATA drives are designed for lower duty cycle applications such as near on-line data replication for backup. These drives should not be used as a replacement for EVA high performance, standard duty cycle, Fibre Channel drives.

Doing so could shorten the life of the drive. FATA drives are not recommended in Continuous Access applications as the remote storage location for local data residing on standard higher speed disk drives. Continuous Access tends to perform fairly high duty cycle random writes to the remote disk array. HP StorageWorks SAN B-series and C-series switches and directors provide exceptional connectivity while increasing the effective bandwidth of the network.

So each controller has a redundant path to each drive. Installation and start-up services are not required but are available separately.

Up to eight drive enclosures can be connected in a FC loop arrangement with a controller pair and connect to one port of up to 96 drives. With the two FC ports per controller, each controller can connect to both ports on up to 96 disk drives for redundant paths to all 96 drives. The HSV controllers also have dual redundant hot plug power supplies and dual redundant hot plug blowers. Each controller has hot plug cache batteries to maintain cache contents for up to 96 hours in case of a total power failure.

The enclosure also has dual redundant hot plug power supplies and dual hot plug blowers. The drives are hot plug. The drives can be configured, using redundant Vraid1 or Vraid5 protection, so that a drive failure will not cause loss of data. Optional virtual sparing can be configured so that a drive failure will trigger an automatic rebuild of the Vraid1 or Vraid5 protection using the virtual spare.

All EVAs have dual redundant power distribution. Two independent power cords distribute power through two Power Distribution Units PDUs to each side of the EVA cabinets and to each power supply of the controllers and to each power supply of the drive enclosures Each cabinet power cord can be connected to independent power sources. For maximum availability, a customer should provide redundant power from independent power circuit breakers, independent power lines from the power company and even independent power companies.

Industry leading security enhancements in Command View now allows administrators to take advantage of Windows domains and local groups. Command View integrates with Windows Active Directory to authorize and authenticate users. In addition, all user actions and events that change system state are logged. Administrators can now use the audit logging capabilities to see who did what and when. Dual mirrored port write caching capability, with battery backed cache, maintains optimal availability while assuring data integrity in the event of a failure.

Each HSV controller has two Fibre Channel host ports four ports in a redundant pair of controllers assuring the availability of bandwidth for the most demanding applications. For the Embedded Switch controllers, the host ports are connected internally to the embedded switches and are not available externally. In addition, up to 4GB of cache per controller pair ensures high performance. Data center managers can customize server, storage and back-up configurations as well as using the residual cabinet U space to mount management servers, switches and have the peace of mind that it is built with HP factory precision manufacturing.

Any Fibre Channel port from any CHA pair installed in any slot can be used to connect to external storage. Instead of seeing a confusing collection of dissimilar arrays, host systems perceive all the data to be stored inside the XP disk array. In effect, the XP becomes the storage controller for a flexible, multi-tiered collection of storage with a range of cost and performance capabilities. XCS v9.

Order this media kit when ordering an EVA Just click on the product name and you will be linked to the product specification URL. Manager v5. These PDUs provide redundant power.

They are located in the bottom and back of the cabinet, taking 1U of rack space. However, the EVA configurations can be customized to meet a wide variety of customer needs. The height, width including the mm wide rack and types of rack and PDUs can be modified based upon the specific customer need.


HP AG637A StorageWorks EVA4400 HSV300 Dual Controller Array



Configuration, Quickspecs, Models – HP 4400 User Manual



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