Ru de Anul Nou din 5 ianuarie! De ce? Medicamente n-aveam. Stimate Serghei Nikolaevici. Care este concluzia? Am fost rugat s-o ajut.

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Ru de Anul Nou din 5 ianuarie! De ce? Medicamente n-aveam. Stimate Serghei Nikolaevici. Care este concluzia? Am fost rugat s-o ajut.

Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Lazarev-Trepte catre Divinitate.

Cum sa-l iubesc, daca nu-L Toti il purtam in noi pe Dumnezeu. Eu-l nostru Divin este etern, el este cuprins in Dumnezeu si in iubire. Intre eu-l uman si eu-l Divin, exista verigi intermediare, si, pe parcursul vietii noi incercam mereu sa ajungem pe aceste verigi si trepte , de la eu-l uman la eu-l Divin.

Pe masura ce ne detasam de uman, logica umana slabeste, iar importanta treburilor noastre cotidiene scade. Constiinta trece pe locul al doilea. Pe masura ce ne miscam mai departe, importanta tuturor emotiilor si sentimentelor noastre,scade, si noi incetam treptat sa depindem nu numai de constiinta, ci si de emotiile noastre.

O data i-am spus unei paciente: - Daca ati dat de necaz, fixati timpul si nu dati nici o apreciere situatiei macar in primele trei ore. Indata ce vi se isca vreun gand, repetati," Doamne, toate sunt dupa Voia Ta" pastrand iubire si fara a cauta vinovati. In masura in care veti considera orice necaz drept o posibilitate de autoarmonizare va va fi mai usor sa va detasati de importanta eu-lui uman.

Imaginati-va cele mai mari suparari pe care le puteti avea in viata si imaginati-va ca sunteti un nou nascut. In acest moment sunteti alcatuit numai din iubire,sunteti lipsit de importanta, parcurgeti toate situatiile ramanand in aceasta stare.

Concentrati-va asupra sinceritatii, slabiciunii si lipsei dumneavoastra de aparare. Atunci va va fi mai usor sa simtiti si sa pastrati iubirea in suflet. See More. SNLazarev-Educatia parintilor Neiubirea de sine si soarta pro Acest program este inobservabil, este greu de constientizat si evaluat corect. El poate lua forma pierderii sensului vietii, a pierderii credintei,si sperantei, al dezamagirii de cel apropiat si de sine, a pasivitatii launtrice totale, si a nedorintei de a face orice ar fi, a renuntarii la vise si la dorintele inalte".

Trebuie sa vorbiti si sa ganditi despre viitorul dumneavoastra numai de bine. Trebuie sa visati la un viitor frumos. Trebuie sa repetati in permanenta ca totul va fi in ordine si ca toate dorintele vi se vor implini. Si le spuneam ca in asta vad aceeasi distrugere a viitorului. Mai tarziu am inteles ca nu poti taia iubirea in doua.

Cel ce spera sa vada in viitor numai bine si nu il capata, va vedea in viitor numai rau. Fiindca noi nu trebuie sa aspiram catre viitor ci catre iubire- iar ea este alcatuita din durere si bucurie simultan. De aceea trebuie sa credem in sentimentele noastre care ne fac sa visam la ceva si sa aspiram spre el, dar trebuie sa intelegem ca in viitor, nu vom avea numai bucurie, ci si durere.

Si asta este absolut normal. Daca omul se inchina numai asupra emotiilor pozitive, daca idolatrizeaza fericirea si placerea, atunci sufletul lui, imediat se contopeste cu obiectul placerii, si doreste sa il faca etern. Trebuie sa iubesti omul drag,dar nu trebuie sa te inchini in fata lui si sa depinzi launtric de el.

Poti sa te inchini numai lui Dumnezeu. Cu cat mai puternic se contopeste sufletul nostru cu sufletul celuilalt, cu atat mai repede uitam de Dumnezeu, si cu atat mai dureros acceptam privarea de fericire si placere. Amintiti-va de spusele lui Hristos" Si dusmanii omului sunt casnicii lui" Cea mai mare durere ne-o poate pricinui cel pe care il iubim cel mai mult. Iar aceasta stare interioara o transmitem urmasilor nostri. Information about Page Insights Data. Articolul al 2-lea. Continue Reading.

We all know the phrase: "Unworked money corrupt". Let's ask ourselves the question " Why? In America, studies have been done that showed that everyone who won the lottery had an unfortunate fate. Probably because of the following: The work and making of money needed for man for existence urges him to energy consumption, a dedication of energy.

The higher the volume of this energy, the more the soul love of that person, as well as the aspiration to God. If the man does not work, but only receives money, his soul ceases to give energy. A degenerative process of the soul is triggered, then destiny. Unworked money kills because it destroys man's energy potential. I am often asked if onanism is harmful? In the Old Testament it is said that God scolded Onan for this sin.

This is about the same problem - getting pleasure as quickly as possible, without any energy consumption - there is no need for love, communication and flirting. Therefore, if we are attracted to this, first of all animal energy will no longer transform into human energy, which negatively influences the soul, and secondly the overall level of our energy will decrease, because it will no longer be necessary.

I recently read an article that forever disgruntled and upset people live less and get sick faster. If a person is forever dissatisfied with a given situation, in this case they will no longer consume energy to change and overcome this situation. The more this person limits his attempts to solve new tasks, so they limit their energy, the more its potential diminishes, which leads to decrease immunity and negative evolution of destiny.

When asked how good service can be achieved and what needs to be done to be successful, I always answer simply: "Get used to giving much more than you receive". Do not link the effort, energy and love invested in work and salary level. Salary must always be lower compared to the hard work done. Any enthusiastic in a particular field is actually a person for whom the search and dedication of energy are far more important than receiving the salary.

I'd like to say a few words about another reason for the appearance of passionate triangles and about the breakup of families. Why does monotheistic religion, unlike paganism, strive to keep the family? Why is it that in Judaism are the sexual trends oriented towards relatives, even if they are not blood related? Because these restrictions in pleasure help make animal feeling into divine love. God is only one. This means that in Him all contrary meets.

In Divine Energy is also the male and female principle. The child who loves his mother and father feels them as a whole and turns to what brings together the contrary, i.

Thus, the child finds it easier to believe in the only God. In a family where parents are wrong, arguing and finally divorced, the child cannot accept them as a whole. Frequently he has to be on the side of someone - either the father or the mother - and then he will slide or into the cult of the material element, or the spiritual one. And after that will come the tendency towards paganism, towards violence, with all the consequences deriving from here. On the same principle, the disciples of Christ, unable to keep themselves at that level of love to which He urged them, slipped down, taking only half of his learning.

Failing to connect the ambiguous phrase " And the enemies of man are those in his own home! I mean, they eliminated the pain from Christ's learning and left only pleasure. This led to the divide of dialectic contrary. The sexual attraction at this moment became a bad, and later - only good and a medicine. Money became a univocal evil and later the Protestants appeared, who started saying money was good. And that God loves the rich since He allows them to have money and that temples are needed for faith and spirituality and there is no way to build temples without money.

It began to believe that good and goodness come from God, and evil and inconvenience - from the devil. So love for God would be love for satisfaction, pleasures and joy. A man sincerely prayed to God, waiting for happiness and health, but suddenly he woke up with inconvenience and suffering.

In the beginning he was outraged: " Why doesn't God deliver me from suffering? Why does He give me diseases, only I serve him? And this moment is not far from the creation of satanic sects. No one has asked themselves why only in the Christian world, satanic sects have appeared, and lately they have started to multiply more and more.

And why satanist rituals are so much like bringing sacrifices to the heathens. It seems to me that the explanation here is simple: Satanists actually are heathens who gave up worshipping a weak and gentle God and began to worship the strong and evil.


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