Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual , Manual. Table of Contents. Single-port wireless usb print server with built-in high-speed

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Manual. D-Link DP-G Table of Contents. Single-port wireless usb print server with built-in high-speed Airplus g System Requirements: A computer with an installed Ethernet adapter The DP-G manages the flow of print files from workstations or file servers to connected printers, delivering print jobs to printers much faster than a file server or a PC acting as a print server can.

Page 7 Because the DP-G is very portable and inexpensive compared to a PC-based print server, and Print Server connects to your file servers through the network, printers can be deployed to locations of maximum convenience to users.

The DP-G offers extraordinary flexibility, operating with all major network Page Antenna Connector network. Reset Button Press and release this button to reset the Print Server; Lights up to indicate printing activity.

Steady green confirms that the Print Server has a good connection to the Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network. Page Wireless Basics D-Link wireless products are based on industry standards to provide easy-to-use and compatible high-speed wireless connectivity within your home, business or public access wireless networks.

D-Link wireless products allow you to access the data you want, when and where you want. You will be able to enjoy the freedom that wireless networking brings. Page 13 Wireless network devices are as competitively priced as conventional Ethernet network devices. Page Wireless Installation Considerations 1. Keep the antenna of the DP-G in an upright position.

Keep the number of walls and ceilings between the DP-G and other network devices to a minimum. Each wall or ceiling can reduce your D-Link wireless products range from feet meters. Position your devices so that the number of walls or ceilings is minimized.

Confirm proper operation of the printers to be connected to the DP-G When you have confirmed proper operation of the printer, switch its power OFF.

Preliminary to the actual component tests, the four LED indicators are tested to confirm their steady and flashing operation. For a list of printers that are compatible with the DP-G, please see the Appendix in this manual.

The compatibility list is not comprehensive. Even if it is not included Installing PS-Wizard 1. Page 21 2. Specify the destination location by pressing Browse… button. Page 22 4. You may enter a new folder name in the Program Folder field if you want to change the default name. Page 23 5. The InstallShield Wizard starts to install the software, and the Progress bar indicates the installation is proceeding until the following window shows up.

Click Finish button to complete the installation. After installing the program, the application program for the print server is automatically installed to your computer, and creates a folder in Start Programs PS-Wizard.

That is, the main goal and advantage of the PS-Wizard is to let you add a printer on your PC in the easiest way. Page 25 Print Server: This field allows you to manually discover the connected print server and to do further configuration of the print server that is selected from the list. Then click Apply button to implement the new setting. Port Information: This is the main function of the PS-Wizard for you to easily add a printer on your computer.

To add a printer, click , then the following window will display. Page 27 The wizard provides three ways for you to select printer driver: 1.

If not, you may try the next method. Page 28 selection again in the following window. Page 29 Page button to check if you can do printing normally. If yes, then click Finish button to exit the installation window and now you may start your printing tasks.

Page Using The Web Configuration 6. D-Link does not recommend changing these settings unless asked to do so by your network administrator.

Page 33 Port Settings In this field, you can assign the Port Name for the print server, and the description for the Printer port.

Please note that this section is optional and you should not need to change any of the settings here to get print server up and running. You can manually type the name or select one from the drop-down list. To search the available wireless access point within the network, click the Site Survey button. Page 37 Network Printer Wizard Clicking Next to download and run a windows wizard program which will install a network printer onto your computer.

When you click Next you will be asked to download and run some software. The wizard provides three ways for you to select printer driver: 1.

Page 40 2. If not, try the last way Have Disk. Page 41 3. Have Disk: Click Have Disk button to bring up the following window. After the correct driver is selected, click OK button to continue. Page 42 After done the selection of printer driver, the wizard will ask you to confirm your selection again in the following window. Page 43 When the following window shows up, you may do print test by clicking Print Test Page button to check if you can do printing normally.

Page 44 If yes, then click Finish button to exit the installation window and now you may start your printing tasks. Advanced Setting Enter a number for the beacon interval in milliseconds in the Beacon Interval box. Click the length of the preamble as Long bits or Short 72bits in Preamble. Page 49 abandon. Authorised Users You can add or delete any user to or from the User List.

The User List at the bottom of the screen displays the current defined user and related information for the print server. This screen also allow you choose where to send an email when the printer status changes. Page 51 Enable E-mail Notification You can set the print server to send an alert message when the printer status changes through E-mail. To enable this function, set the Enable e-mail notification option to Yes.

Then, input the administrator's E-mail address in the Destination e-mail Address field. After done the configuration, click Apply Settings to enable and restore the new password, or Cancel to abandon.

Click Browse to point to the firmware file, and then click Upgrade. After done the port selection, click Print Test Page to print a test page. Printer Status The items in this field display the information of the printer, such as the given name for the printer, speed, printer status, and status of your printing tasks, etc.

LAN Status You can monitor the networking status in this field, including the network connection, speed, and the packets status. Click Refresh to update the information. Print Log The items in this field display the user s information, which include the user s MAC address, IP address, name, and status of printing tasks.

Page Reboot Reboot If you want to reset the print server, you may just click the Reboot for restarting. Page 66 Click Add a printer. Select the first option, Add a local printer, and then click Next. Click Next. Page 68 Type the IP address of the print server e. Click Next Page 69 Select Custom and click Settings. Click OK. Page 72 Highlight the printer, as shown.

If the desired printer is not on the list, click Have Disk and insert the printer driver disk that came with your printer to install the printer drivers.

Page 73 Click Next to start installing the printer. Page 74 After clicked Print a test page, a small dialogue box will show up as below. Click Close. Page 75 Click Finish. The printer is now ready for printing with Windows Vista on your network. When the following screen shows up, click Next. Page 77 Select the first option, Local printer attached to this computer, and click Next.

Page 79 Click Next.


Dlink DP-G310 User Manual



D-Link DP-G310 User Manual



D-Link DP-G310 Manual


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