This is the exhortation that I address to you young people at the beginning of the present year. It is of particular significance also for the Church, as the custodian of fundamental truths and values and at the same time as the minister of the eternal destinies that man the great human family have in God himself. Since man is the fundamental and at the same time the daily way of the Church, 2 it is easy to understand why the Church attributes special importance to the period of youth as a key stage in the life of every human being. You young people are the ones who embody this youth: you are the youth of the nations and societies, the youth of every family and of all humanity; you are also the youth of the Church. We are all looking to you, for all of us, thanks to you, in a certain sense continually become young again. So your youth is not just your own property, your personal property or the property of a generation: it belongs to the whole of that space that every man traverses in his life's journey, and at the same time it is a special possession belonging to everyone.

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This was the verse of scripture that St. And only where the Father is are people brothers and sisters. John Paul II's letter to the young people of the world. In this sense, St. John Paul II puts a great emphasis on responsibility: Adults hold ultimate responsibility for the present reality, but young people are the ones responsible for shaping the future. In this passage from Mark, a rich young man meets with Christ and asks him what he must do to inherit eternal life.

Christ tells him to keep the commandments, to which the young man responds that he has observed the commandments of the decalogue since his youth. Not by what he was! What he was And it had also impelled him to ask those questions which in the clearest way concern the plan for the whole of life What must I do so that my life may have full value and full meaning? John Paul II wrote. He wrote that our nature as beings made in the image of God brings us to ask these very existential questions.

These questions show how man without God cannot understand himself, and cannot even fulfil himself without God. Jesus Christ came into the world first of all in order to make each one of us aware of this. Without eternal life, temporal existence, however rich, however highly developed in all aspects, in the end brings man nothing other than the ineluctable necessity of death. The pope noted that St. This is a key question for man: it is the fundamental question of your youth, one that concerns the whole plan of life which must be formed precisely in youth … The value of this plan depends in an essential way on the authenticity and rectitude of your conscience.

It also depends on its sensitivity. Respond to it through prayer and fidelity to the commandments! He puts it in the context of this particular interior sphere in which he has learned to be in a close relationship with God, above all in prayer. He therefore asks God: 'What must I do? Your creative, fatherly plan?

What is your will? I wish to do it This vocation could also be to marriage, the saint said, a sacrament which he warned must not be distorted. Do not be afraid of the love that places clear demands on people. These demands-as you find them in the constant teaching of the Church-are precisely capable of making your love a true love. It should therefore serve the truth. Continuing therefore: to be truly free means to be a person of upright conscience, to be responsible, to be a person 'for others'.

The pope, at the close of his letter, encourages the young to ask difficult questions in their pursuit of the truth. Make time for this! Do not miss it! Accept too the fatigue and effort that this contact sometimes involves, especially when we wish to attain particularly challenging goals. Such fatigue is creative, and also constitutes the element of healthy relaxation which is as necessary as study and work. Tags: Youth Synod , Dilecti amici.

The secretary general of an upcoming synod of bishops said Monday he thinks the abuse scandal in Peter's Square, Oct. Credit: L'Osservatore Romano. Chaput: Youth synod depends on faith, not sentimentality In an op-ed column published Saturday, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia has restated Latest Videos:. Follow us:.


Youth & Young Adult Ministry: On the Thirtieth Anniversary of St. John Paul II's Letter to Youth

Though many of his previous documents mentioned young people, Dilecti Amici was unique among St. It revealed not only what he thought about them but also how he felt they should be addressed. For these reasons, it offers much, by example, about how the Church should relate to youth. With keen spiritual insight, St.


Recalling St John Paul II's message to youth

This was the verse of scripture that St. Oct 2, — am. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to. The Gospel confirms this at every step. Respond to it through prayer and fidelity to the commandments!

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