The first such declaration, issued on 31 December , amounted to a declaration of war on the Mexican government, which they considered so out of touch with the will of the people as to make it completely illegitimate. Subsequent declarations have focused on non-violent solutions, both through political channels and through the assumption of many of the functions of government in the Chiapas state of southeastern Mexico. The Sixth declaration reiterates the support of the Zapatistas for the indigenous peoples who comprise roughly one third of the population of the state of Chiapas , and extends the cause to include "all the exploited and dispossessed of Mexico". It also expresses solidarity with the international alter-globalization movement, and offers to provide material aid to those in Cuba , Bolivia , Ecuador , and elsewhere with whom they make common cause.

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Nosotros rogamos a aquel a cuya mano se acerque este manifiesto que lo haga pasar a todos los hombres de esos pueblos. Nosotros nacimos de la noche. En ella vivimos. Moriremos en ella. Para todos la luz. Para todos todo. Para nosotros nada.

Estas fueron nuestras banderas en la madrugada de Estas son, hoy, nuestras exigencias. Por trabajar nos matan, por vivir nos matan. No hay lugar para nosotros en el mundo del poder. Nos quieren quitar la tierra para que ya no tenga suelo nuestro paso. Nos quieren quitar la historia para que en el olvido se muera nuestra palabra. No nos quieren indios. Muertos nos quieren.

Para el poderoso nuestro silencio fue su deseo. Luchamos para hablar contra el olvido, contra la muerte, por la memoria y por la vida.

Luchamos por el miedo a morir la muerte del olvido. No necesitamos pedir permiso para ser libres. Hoy, 1o. Hermanos: Muchas palabras se caminan en el mundo. Muchos mundos se hacen. Muchos mundos nos hacen. Hay palabras y mundos que son mentiras e injusticias. Hay palabras y mundos que son verdades y verdaderos. Nosotros hacemos mundos verdaderos.

Nosotros somos hechos por palabras verdaderas. En el mundo que queremos nosotros caben todos. El mundo que queremos es uno donde quepan muchos mundos.

Hablamos la unidad incluso cuando callamos. Bajito y lloviendo nos hablamos las palabras que encuentran la unidad que nos abraza en la historia y para desechar el olvido que nos enfrenta y destruye. Para que vivan luchamos, para que vivan cantamos. Vive la palabra. Vive el Ya basta! Vive nuestro digno caminar junto a los todos que lloran. Para destruir el reloj de muerte del poderoso luchamos. Para un nuevo tiempo de vida luchamos. La flor de la palabra no muere, aunque en silencio caminen nuestros pasos.

En silencio se siembra la palabra. Para que florezca a gritos se calla. La palabra se hace soldado para no morirse en el olvido.

Para vivir se muere la palabra, sembrada para siempre en el vientre del mundo. Naciendo y viviendo nos morimos. Siempre viviremos. Ene 01


Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle

From the first day, an acute polemic has been surrounding this movement about the origin and number of its members, the villages where they have an influence and their financial support. After one day of surprise, the Mexican Army put the Zapatista region under intense fire -even rockets- until a peace agreement was proposed by the government and accepted by the Zapatista army on January Along with those twelve days full of military actions and civil movements, we also witnessed a discourse war Reygadas et al The discourse, solemn as it is, was propagated by written and oral means in the New Year of and marks the first appearance of a collective subject until then practically unknown to the public, that of the EZLN and its General Command that signed the declaration.


Radio Zapatista

Nosotros rogamos a aquel a cuya mano se acerque este manifiesto que lo haga pasar a todos los hombres de esos pueblos. Nosotros nacimos de la noche. En ella vivimos. Moriremos en ella. Para todos la luz. Para todos todo.


Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle

This is our simple word which seeks to touch the hearts of humble and simple people like ourselves, but people who are also, like ourselves, dignified and rebel. This is our simple word for recounting what our path has been and where we are now, in order to explain how we see the world and our country, in order to say what we are thinking of doing and how we are thinking of doing it, and in order to invite other persons to walk with us in something very great which is called Mexico and something greater which is called the world. This is our simple word in order to inform all honest and noble hearts what it is we want in Mexico and the world. We wanted to fight along with everyone who was humble and simple like ourselves and who was in great need and who suffered from exploitation and thievery by the rich and their bad governments here, in our Mexico, and in other countries in the world. And then our small history was that we grew tired of exploitation by the powerful, and then we organized in order to defend ourselves and to fight for justice. In the beginning there were not many of us, just a few, going this way and that, talking with and listening to other people like us.

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