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Learn about trends and get answers to your biggest Citrix questions! Listen Now. Select all Open in new window. IT issues often require a personalized solution.

Get Free Limited Access. Why EE? Courses Ask. Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Listen Now x. Medium Priority. Last Modified: How do I specify a way to break the page logically? Screenshot and code below. Start Free Trial.

View Solution Only. Commented: This command will force a page break.. CFdocument is not smart enough to figure out where a good place in your file to break would be.

It's up to you. So you need to estimate the height of each of your table rows, keep a running total and then put in the pagebreak once the running total reaches your estimated page height. Author Commented: I tried it. Didn't work It had absolutely no effect. I'm attaching a screenshot. It's putting the page break at the very top of first page I'm obviously not understanding this. Wrong screenshot I didn't see it. Can software be any more 'helpful'? Anyway, the real screenshot is below.

Is that pseudo code? You have a cfquery statement that is incomplete and a CFIF with no end tag.. The image shows a large gap, is that the page break? Super, looks like you are right on target. I'm not sure why the upper border of the table appearing before the pagebreak. Would be interesting to see what happens with a page size of 7 or 8 rather than 9 just as a test Not the solution you were looking for? Getting a personalized solution is easy.

Ask the Experts. So basically I'm just guessing I scrapped the worthless pagebreak tag and went with this Curious, I have dozens of reports using the pagebreak tag, always works. But it's good to know about the p style tag. Get your personalized solution. Ask The Experts.

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