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Quick Start Guide. Getting Help from Canon. Help Us Help You Better. Before you contact Canon, please record the following information. Serial Number located on the inside of the printer :. Model Number located on the front of the printer :. Purchase Date:. Canon U. Internet — www. Email Tech Support — www. Toll-Free Live Tech Support — This option provides live telephone technical support, free of service charges, Monday- Saturday excluding holidays , during your product's 1 year limited warranty period.

Extended Service and Support — www. Canon CarePAK Extended Service Plan is a co st-attractive and easy-to-use extended service program that provides up to three full year s of service and support coverage at a very attractive price. For further information about extending your Canon service and support, call , or visit our Web site at www.

For more information and updated program specifics, please refer to our Web site at www. This manual is copyrighted by Ca non U. Under the co pyright laws, this manual may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, with out the prior written consent of Canon U. All statements, technical information and recommendations in this manual and in any guides or related documents are believed reliable, but the accuracy and completeness thereof are not guaranteed or warranted, and they are not intended to be, nor should they be understood to be, representation or warranties concerning the products described.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. All information regarding non-Canon products was compiled from publicly available information. No representation is made regarding the accuracy thereof. Basic Printing. Turning on the Printer. Using Speciality Media Printing with Windows. Loading Paper. Printing with Macintosh. Canceling Printing. Advanced Printing. Printing Photographs Directly from a Digi tal Camera.

Adjusting Print Quality for Photographs. Accessing Printer Driver. Using the Bundle Software. Printing Borderless. Printing Maintenance. Printing the Nozzle Check Pattern. Print Head. Print Head Deep Cleaning. Aligning the Print Head. Replacing an Ink Tank.

Cannot Install the Printer. Handling Error Messages. Print Quality is Poor or Contains Errors. Troubleshooting Printer. Paper Does Not Feed Properly. An Error Message Appears on the Screen.

Cannot Print Properly from the Digital. Safety Precautions. Regulatory Information. This Quick Start Guide describes some of the features of your iP printer and how to use them.

For more information, view the iP User's Guide installed on your computer, or use the online help within your printer driver interface:. While in the printer's Properties window, press the F F 1 key, or click the upper right corner. Then click the feature you want to know more about, or click H H elp when displayed.

When the Help window appears, select your desired topic. The P P OWER lamp flashes while the printer warms up and changes to steady non- flashing green when the printer is ready. Before unplugging the power cord , turn off the printer and ensure that the green lamp has gone out.

Print Media to Avoid. Do not use the following types of paper. Using such paper will not only produce unsatisfactory results, but can also cause the printer to jam or malfunction. When printing small quantities on various print media, loading paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder is easy and convenient.

Loading paper in the Front Sheet Feeder is suited for printing on paper of regular use. It is convenient when printing on the same type or a large amount of paper. By combining the use of the Auto Sheet Feeder and the Front Sheet Feeder, the following ways of paper feeding are available. Changing the paper source according to the document size allows you to print without removing and reloading paper.

To change the paper source, use the Paper Feed Switch on the printer or printer driver. For example, you. So, it is convenient for regular use. When paper is loaded in both the Auto Sheet Feeder and the Front Sheet Feeder, you can choose to feed paper from whichever paper source you like. If the Auto Sheet Feeder or the Front Sheet Feeder runs out of paper, the paper source automatically switches to the other one. It is useful for printing a large amount of paper.

To perform this feature you need to set the printer driver. Loading Paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder. For detailed information on the speciality media Canon provides for use with its various printers, refer to the section "U U sing Speciality Media " on page When paper is curled, hold the opposing curled corners and gently bend them in the opposite direction until the pa per becomes completely flat.

Auto Sheet Feeder Lamp. Ensure that the lamp of the Auto Sheet Feeder is lit. Set the Paper Thickness Lever to the left. Move to the right position Transfers. See "C C anon Speciality Media " on page You can also select the paper source in the printer driver. Loading the Plain Paper. Pinch the Paper Guide and slide it against the left side of the paper stack.

Do not stack more than 50 sheets in the Paper Output Tray. Do not touch the printed surface until the ink dries. For specific drying times, refer to the instructions packaged with your media.

Loading the Envelopes. Envelopes can be fed from the Auto Sheet Feeder only. Do not use the envelopes with embossed or treated surface, with a double flap or pressure seals, with sticker flaps.

Select either D D L Env. Printing direction. Fold the envelope flap. Set the envelope with its flap on the left side. A maximum of 10 envelopes can be loaded at once. Set the Paper Thickness Le ver to the right for envelopes. For the printer driver setting, refer to "P P rinting with Windows " on page 13, "P P rinting with Macintosh " on page Loading the 4" x 6" size papers.

You can print on the 4" x 6" size papers. Despite the direction of the photograph, load the paper in the vertical direction. You can load a maximum of 20 papers in 4" x 6" size.


Cannon Pixma Ip2000 Manual

Page Count: Quick S t art Guide. Prepari ng the Printer 2. Connecting the Printer to the Computer 3.


Canon PIXMA IP2000 Quick Start Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Quick Start Manual. Table of Contents. Quick Start Guide. Shipping Materials. Setting Up.


Canon Pixma Ip2000 Users Manual IP2000_UK_COV


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