Setting the Hard Disk Holder. Removing the Hard Disk Holder. Doing so may cause damage to the hard disk. Also, do not touch the connector. A hard disk is fragile equipment.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. User's Guide. Please read this guide before operating this equipment. After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference. Table of Contents. For canon imagerunner advance c, canon imagerunner advance ci, canon imagerunner advance ci, canon imagerunner advance ci, canon imagerunner advance ci pages. However, as we are constantly improving our products, if you need an exact specification, please contact Canon.

Page 7 System Configuration and Parts Please read this manual thoroughly before operating the machine in order to familiarize yourself with its capabilities, and to make the most of its many functions. After reading this manual, store it in a safe place for future reference. Page 9: Legal Notices Legal Notices Preventing Counterfeit Documents This machine includes a function for aiding in the prevention of counterfeit documents.

If you are copying documents that resemble paper money closely, you may be unable to get an appropriate image. Page Additional Information Additional Information When servicing or adjusting the optical system of the product, be careful not to place screwdrivers or other shiny objects in the path of the laser beam. Also, accessories such as watches and rings should be removed before working on the product. The reflected beam, even though visible or invisible, can permanently damage your eyes. Use of shielded cable is necessary to comply with the technical requirements of EMC Directive.

Page Copyright Canon Inc. Page Disclaimers Disclaimers The information in this document is subject to change without notice. The use of this key should be strictly supervised. Page Important Safety Instructions OFF the main power switch, and disconnect the power cord from the power outlet. Then, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.

Continued use of the machine in this condition may result in a fire or electrical shock. Since radiation emitted inside the product is completely confined within protective housings and external covers, the laser beam cannot escape from the machine during any phase of user operation.

Failure to observe these steps may result in a fire or electrical shock. Clicking a language on this screen displays the following menu. The sample screenshot shown here is for Windows users. Move the breaker lever to ON "I" side. Press the main power switch to ON "I" Installation Location and Handling Page Installation Location And Handling Installation Location and Handling This section describes precautions for installation location and handling.

We recommend that you read this section prior to using this machine. This machine generates a slight amount of ozone during normal use. Although sensitivity to ozone may vary, this amount is not harmful. Ozone may be more noticeable during extended use or long production runs, especially in poorly ventilated rooms. If the room in which the machine is installed is cold but rapidly heated, water droplets condensation may form inside the machine.

This may result in a noticeable degradation in the quality of the copied image, the inability to properly scan an original, or the copies having no printed image at all. No optional equipment is attached. Using the machine in this state may cause a fire or electrical shock.

Also, avoid Page 35 Neither Canon nor any service provider will be liable for damages for loss of data stored on the product's hard disk drive. See the terms of the product's Limited Warranty for more details. Page 38 A3 in size at a resolution of x dpi. If you lose the edit pen, contact your local authorized Canon dealer. Do not use an object with a sharp end, such as a pencil or ballpoint pen, in place of the edit pen.

Page Main Power And Control Panel Power Main Power and Control Panel Power The machine is provided with two power switches, a main power switch and a control panel power switch, as well as a breaker that detects excess current or leakage current. The screens on the right are displayed while the system software is loading. Page 51 Press [Tel Line Type]. The selected mode is set.

Press [Done] repeatedly until the Basic Features screen appears. The current date and time settings are used as standard timer settings for functions that require them. NOTE You can also specify to automatically synchronize the date and time with a server on the network from the Additional Functions screen. Page 53 Enter the current date day, month, year and time using numeric keys. This number is printed on the document that you fax to the receiving party.

The number may also be displayed on the touch panel display of the receiving party's machine, depending on their type of machine. Page Registering Sender Names Registering Sender Names You can register any name as the sender's name, such as the section or department's name, or an individual's name.

You can enter up to 24 characters for the sender's name. To cancel registering the sender's name, press [cancel]. Registering the Unit's Name Your name or company's name must be registered as the unit's name a department name is optional. Press [Unit Name]. Press [Done] repeatedly until the Send Basic Features screen appears. Page Displaying A Help Screen Displaying a Help Screen Pressing brings up a guidance screen with information about the various features that are available with your machine.

Use this help function if you do not understand how to use the mode you are setting. Press [Done] to return to the Various Originals screen. Press [Done] to return to the Help Menu screen.

Loading Paper Page Loading Paper - Severely curled or wrinkled paper - Thin straw paper - Paper which has been printed on using a thermal transfer printer Do not print on the reverse side of this paper either. Doing so may cause paper jams. Page 63 Press and release the button on the paper drawer in which you want to load paper.

Grip the handle, and pull out the paper drawer until it stops. Open a package of paper, and remove the paper stack. Also, you should always fan paper that has just been removed from a newly opened paper package.

Page 65 Gently push the paper drawer back into the machine until it clicks into place in the closed position. CAUTION When returning the paper drawer to its original position, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury. IMPORTANT You will not be able to make copies or print if you load paper that exceeds the loading limit, or if the paper drawer is not completely pushed into the machine.

Page Replacing The Toner Cartridge Replacing the Toner Cartridge When there is only a small amount of toner remaining in the machine, the following message appears on the touch panel display, as shown. You can continue printing, but at this time you should purchase new toner of the indicated colour so that you have it available when needed.

A toner cartridge revolver is mounted inside the machine. Page 68 Turn the knob of the toner cartridge in the direction of the arrow counterclockwise. Turn the knob on the cyan, magenta, or yellow toner cartridge until it stops. Page 69 Grip the knob on the toner cartridge, and pull the toner cartridge out of the toner supply port. Pull the toner cartridge out halfway, then remove it completely while supporting it with your other hand from underneath.

WARNING Do not burn or throw used toner cartridges into open flames, as this may cause the toner remaining inside the cartridges to ignite resulting in burns or a fire. Page 70 Turn the knob of the toner cartridge in the direction of the arrow clockwise until it stops. Close the toner supply port cover, and close the front cover of the main unit.

Clearing Paper Jams If you cannot remove the paper, contact your local authorized Canon dealer. Page 73 Inspect all paper jam locations indicated on the touch panel display, and remove any jammed paper. See the appropriate pages below for instructions on finding and removing jammed paper.

Or, you can follow the instructions on the touch panel display. If jammed paper tears while it is being removed, be sure to remove any remaining pieces from inside the machine. After you have removed all of the jammed paper at the locations indicated on the touch panel display, restore all levers and covers to their original positions.

Page List Of Error Messages List of Error Messages List of Error Codes without Messages If a job or operation does not complete successfully, check the error code, and perform the necessary operations according to the error code displayed.

You can check the error code on the Details screen under [Log] from the System Monitor screen. If the machine still does not work normally, turn the main power OFF, disconnect the machine, and contact your local authorized Canon dealer.

Page 78 Cause Cannot print because the set page limit total has been reached. Remedy Contact your System Manager. Remedy Try delivering device information again after the client machine finishes processing the job. Page 79 Reduce the number of pages tp print, or perform the print job again when no other jobs are reserved.


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