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Worldwide Delivery Available. Buy With Confidence. Customer Reviews 1. View supersize image. Manufacturer :. SJS Cycles part number :. Manufacturer part number :. Product Reviews 1. Download File. These are hard to find and it did the job. Great product, easy to fit and slotted into my Charge Mixer 11 perfectly. I like the way it secures itself by pushing outwards and does not rely on the crude mechanism my old eccentric BB holder used whereby two self-tapping screws held in the frame penetrated the BB by drilling a small hole in it.

I used grease when installing it and so far it's silent and squeak free. It is slightly smaller in diameter than the "Eccentric Bottom Bracket Insert Taiwanese" also sold on this site which was a fraction too wide for my bike.

I understand it works for the cannondale BB30? By Robert. SJS Customer Service :. What's the inside diameter? By Matthieu. What's the minimum clearance between the inside diameter and the outside diameter? The diameter of a BSA bracket is between By Vincent. This has a 54mm OD, so if your BB shell matches that, it should work. What type of bottom bracket can I use with this?

By Anders. Is this compatible with the Charge Grater 3 ? By Anonymous. We simply would not know, we have never sold or dealt with Charge. Contacting CSG would be the best option. Can this be used with Raven Sports tour. The exentric BB insert in my 12 years old Thorn Raven Sports tour has lots of indentation from the grub screws, is this product a suitable replacement?

If not which is the correct Thorn eccentric BB insert and cartridge bearing. Will this work with a ish cannondale 1fg? By Jaspur. We do not have the original specification of the bicycle and could not confirm this without seeing it. Use on a Cannondale T2 Tandem By Kevin Zysk. Is this the same bottom bracket eccentric unit that was used on my Cannondale T2 Tandem? Cannondale eccentric bottom bracket 68mm shell.

By Jason. Is this the eccentric bottom bracket used on a Cannondale trail SS 29er? I need a replacement screw as I've round mine off!

Hello, You should be able to use this without an issue. Can I use this with a Viking Serengeti? By David I. It has a large tube size. What measurements do I need to take to check? Hi, Unfortunately as we have never sold your bike we have no way of knowing if this will fit it or not I'm afraid. This eccentric is 68mm long and


Cannondale Eccentric Tandem Bottom Bracket, A181

Worldwide Delivery Available. Buy With Confidence. Customer Reviews 1. View supersize image. Manufacturer :.


Cannondale Eccentric 1FG Bottom Bracket Insert - Double Wedge - Fits Tandems & Rohloff


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