Forecasting Prices - Financial Astrology - T. I hope you will enjoy the tips of stock market movement on the basis of astrology by this book Recommend Documents. Butaney I hope you will enjoy the tips of stock market movement on the basis of astrology by this bookFull description.

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Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Forecasting Prices - Financial Astrology - T. Document Information click to expand document information Description: I hope you will enjoy the tips of stock market movement on the basis of astrology by this book.

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Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Langham, J. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Revised and Enlarged by - T. Credit or bank-money is as good as Government money or what we call currency. Price does not only depend upon money so defined but also upon the rate of circulation of money in the market. If the rate of money circulation is faster, other things re- maining -the same, the price level will rise.

So if you find that money is rapidly changing hands in the market, you. Now if you want to study the money situation, you must carefully study the statis cal returns of the Reserve Bank of India which vappear in the Government Gazettes and the important daily papers.

So you must make a study of the monetary conditions in the princi- pal countries of the world, specialy the United States of America and Great Britain. But you look in vain for bullion in the Bullion 9 and supply of commodities and money.

So you have a grasp of money and commodity stutis- tics, you can, with a reasonable expectation of accuracy, forecast the price-level, D. Butaney Mf. Surprisingly, the commodities, stocks or shares are not physically found in these places.

If you visit a Bullion Exchange, you naturally expect to see gold and silver bars. If you visit a Grain Association, you will naturally look for bags of wheat, linseed, If you go to Cotton Exchange, Exchange, for grain in the Grain Exchange, and for. All that you find is a mass of sttange men, howling at each other and erying out figures which appear to you mysterious, You feel puzzied. Suppose you are in a Cotton Association. There is no cotton in the Cotton Association. Then what are sellers selling and buyers buying?

Have the sellers got any cotton in their godowns or anywhere on the earth? They have abso- lutely no cotton Not only 99 percent of them have no cotton, but not even a godown which they can call their own to keep itin.

Then what are the buyers buying? How do they expect to buy from people who have nothing to sell? Why are they then buying and selling? Obviously for profit. How are they to make profit if there is to be no actual exchange of the commodity? Can some- thing come out of nothing?

Usually, no; but on the. Exchanges, it does. He, who is able to u guess correctly what the price on a particular, furure date will be, gains; and whosoever makes an incorrect guess, loses. The speculators guess what the price will be in the future and speculate accordingly.

They buy and sell in accordance with their expectations of the level of prices in the uture. Suppose the price of wheat is Rs. You purchase wheat to-day at Rs. If you have guessed correctly and the price actually rises to Rs. You get from the seller not wheat but your profit of Rs. If your guess is incorrect and the price fallsto Rs. So what you require in the, business is not commodity but cash; but more than cash you must have brains.

Now, suppose you possess these qualifications and desire to mint money by speculation, You enter the market and. John Kent. Bobby Morin. Justin Rolfe. Osaz Aiho. Chenanda Chenga. Jerry Nevins. Marius Macuc. Rick Carter. Vincent Sampieri. Francis Chuah. Anand Chiney. Hitesh Patel. Ganns Astrological Method. Kulwinder Sandhu.





Forecasting Prices - Financial Astrology - T.g.butaney


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