Billy Bunter's Cert. The Mystery of No. Who Walloped Wiggins? Books and Story Papers.

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Friend Or Foe? Who Punched Prout? Books and Story Papers. Greyfriars Gallery. Television and Radio. The Magnet Howard Baker Volume. Issue The Mystery of Wharton Lodge.

Christmas issue. Billy Bunter's Convict. Billy Bunter suspects second form master of being convict. HB70 Billy Bunter's Convict. Convict Nineteen. The Form Master's Foe. Featuring Horace Coker. HB64 Billionairing with Bunter. Dismissed from Greyfriars. Mr Quelch dismissed. Rebellion of the Remove. The School Without a Master. High Jinks at High Oaks. The Boy Headmaster. The Return of the Rebels.

Black Magic. HB73 Under Bunter's Thumb. The Schoolboy Hypnotist. The New Boy's Enemy. In Merciless Hands. Bunter's Prize Essay. Substitute Story, William Leslie Catchpole. HB74 Billy Bunter's Prize. Coker's League of Friends. Billy Bunter's Bike. For the Honour of Greyfriars. The Hero of the Fifth. The Boy from the East. Arthur Da Costa arrives at Greyfriars. By Luck and Pluck. The Schemer of the Remove. Harry Wharton's Enemy. Playing the Game. Tried and True. In Borrowed Plumes.

A Fortune at Stake. Billy Bunter's Bookmaker. Billy Bunter's Luck. HB28 Billy Bunter's Circus. Bunter the Boss. Billy Bunter's Circus. Bunter's Big Bluff. Bunter's Bodyguard. Chums of the Circus. The Order of the Boot. Bunter Comes to Stay. The Secret of the Schooner. The Japer of Greyfriars. Christopher Carboy arrives at Greyfriars.

HB23 The Joker of Greyfriars. Be Careful Christopher. The Boy With a Past. Rallying Round Carboy. All Through Bunter. Shunned by the Form. HB76 Billy Bunter's Blunder. Rebel of the Fifth, The. The Form Master's Feud. The Phantom of the Cave. The Clue of the Coral Knife. Hunted Down.


The Magnet 1140 - Billy Bunter's Christmas

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Billy Bunter

Friend Or Foe? Who Punched Prout? Books and Story Papers. Greyfriars Gallery.

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