The purpose of the article is to analyze a new Criminal code of the Republic of Lithuania in force from the 1 st of May, , with the aim to highlight its differences from the old one, and, thereby, to discern the most important novelties while discussing their advantages and possible difficulties if any in applying the new norms in practice. The author chooses to investigate only the general part of the criminal code and to analyze, according to the author's opinion, only the most important developments in it, as due to the extent of the article it is impossible to make a detailed analysis of all the novelties in the new criminal code. The author of the article chooses to analyse classification of offences, diminished responsibility, corporate liability, new factors eliminating criminal liability, reform of penalty system, and extension of possibilities to discharge from criminal liability. The research reveals that not all discerned novelties are functioning properly and that some critical issues may be indicated, but, in general, the new criminal code is valued as a positive achievement and a great move towards the enhancement of Lithuanian criminal law. Conclusions of this work, obtained through scientific research, may be used to improve existing criminal code in practice.

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Sudarytojas G. Latgale National Economy Research. Abstract The article analyzes theoretical aspects related to the facilitation of criminal procedural form — a process of criminal order making. It shows the concept of place in criminal proceedings. Explicitly dealt with in criminal court order making regulations in Lithuania, discussed rules governing criminal court order making the legal framework and conditions for the application identifies problems that arise in the practical application of this simplified procedural form, discussed ways of solving them, indicate the optimal development of regulatory information, according to a criminal court order making foreign regulation of the criminal procedure Act.

Keywords criminal process in a simplified form; the court order; decision; assumptions. Full Text: PDF. Spalio 25 d. Ir kt. Council of Europe. The simplification of criminal Justise. Recommendation No. R 87 18 adopted by the Committee of Ministres of the Council of Europe on 17 September and Explanatory memorandum. La simple justice. GODA G. Keywords Latgale region Latvia capital competitiveness development economic profitability employment entrepreneurship financial profitability fiscal policy higher education innovation investment liquidity management patient profitability profitability of the basic activity support sustainable development tourism.

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