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So I have a project from that I need to update. It was based on the then state-of-the-art AT90S I still have the C code for it, and it still compiles, but I can't figure out how to upload the code to the chip. Am I hosed? Thanks for any tips. Or even 4. I would rather attempt something great and fail, than attempt nothing and succeed - Fortune Cookie. Dead people don't sue! A prediction of the expected traffic load?

Speak sweetly. Please Read: Code-of-Conduct. I thought it had to do with the STK Thanks, I didn't know about that. I'd be happy to give that a shot except there's a free version that's file-size limited without saying what the limit is, and the 45EUR price of the commercial version puts it just outside of an impulse buy.

Not a verb I'm familiar with?? I actually wonder, given the two wonderful definitions there if someone in Atmel deliberately used this? To indicate to an individual that you will do an act but in reality you have no intentions on following through.

To change your plans if something better comes along and not inform the person you originally made plans with. Leaving that person wondering what happened.

I vote that all future changes in Atmochip datasheets describe what it is they are canging in the Errata!! I just grabbed enough of the documents to address AT90S being state-of-the-art in LMAO Yes, but it was so easily done and so fun to read. Let he who is perfect be the first to be the pedant I used my SDK and studio 4. Arduino has an option to save the. Skip to main content. How to flash an AT90S? Log in or register to post comments. Go To Last Post.

Level: Hangaround. Posts: View posts. Posted by lautman : Thu. Feb 8, - AM. Fivestar widget 1 2 3 4 5. Level: Moderator. Posted by jgmdesign : Thu. What programmer are you using?

Log in or register to post comments Top. Posted by gchapman : Thu. Posted by js : Thu. John Samperi Ampertronics Pty. Last Edited: Thu. Level: Raving Lunatic. Posted by Paulvdh : Thu. Have you tried doing any research before asking?

Posted by theusch : Thu. Feb 8, - PM. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. I've never met a pig I didn't like, as long as you have some salt and pepper. Location: using avr-gcc in Finchingfield, Essex, England. Posted by clawson : Thu. Oh sweet irony! Posted by larryvc : Sat. Feb 10, - AM Reply to Last Edited: Sat. Feb 10, - AM. Posted by valusoft : Sat. Level: Resident.

Posted by jporter : Sat.


Atmel AT90S8515



Atmel AT90S8515-4 User Manual



AT90S8515 PLCC AVR Microcontrollers-25



Datasheet Atmel AT90S8515


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