However, you might find something useful in this old archive of the 2Wire Support website from In there are some PDF user guides and installation manuals that are still accessible and probably still entirely relevant considering that product manuals don't really need to be updated over time. You might find additional types of support and download options at your service provider's website. In fact, you might even have luck with a free driver updater tool that will scan your computer for outdated or missing 2Wire drivers and install them for you. Most of them are available in the ZIP format.

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Thu, Dec 19, PM. I would like to set up different virtual LANs using the 2wire HG-B so that I can have two different networks that can't access each other. I would like both networks to have access to the internet.

I'm ultimately thinking that I would need at least one other router. In this way devices connected to Router A should not have access to devices connected to Router B and visa-versa, correct? Would I need to setup anything else on Router B? For example, do I need to setup DNS settings so that devices connected to Router B can connect to the internet without issue? Would I need to specify that these virtual LANs are not bridged, and on which router, or both?

In regards to wireless devices, I am thinking they would follow the same pattern; so wireless devices connected to Router A have access to other wired and wireless devices connected to Router A but not to wired or wireless devices connected to Router B and visa-versa.

However, if wireless devices currently don't have access to wired devices also connected to Router A, then that is fine for now. Thank you very much! Accepted Solution. Official Solution. What you're trying to do is definitely possible, but like you said, you might have to get some additional hardware. I looked up the manual for your modem and couldn't find a way to do that in there.

I, personally, have 2 wireless networks at home, one from my router and another from an extender and they work the way you described. I recommend a Network Extender because it'll be cheaper than router and easier to set-up. Did a post have an answer that worked for you? Help other users by marking helpful posts as an "Accepted Answer". And don't forget to leave a Like! Still need help? Ask a question! Our 1. Internet Forum. How to set up different vir Like Comment Follow Share.

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