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Combined epidural-light general anaesthesia: an alternative in plastic surgery. Clinica Rostrum y Corpus, Cali. Universidad del Valle. Email: hmedina20 gmail. No se presentaron casos de recuerdo intraoperatorio.

Introduction: Aesthetic plastic surgery usually involves two or more surgical events taking place during the same anaesthetic procedure; the most widely used anaesthetic techniques are general and epidural anaesthesia. A very interesting alternative is the use of combined epidural and light general anaesthesia, attempting to obtain the benefits of each technique and reduce the disadvantages inherent in each one.

Objective: Describing the use of the combined epidural-light general anaesthesia technique in aesthetic surgery patients. Methods: This was a descriptive case series in which data were collected from 67 patients having plastic surgery performed at the Corpus and Rostrum Clinic in Cali, who received combined epidural-light general anaesthesia between January and June Patients undergoing two or more anatomo-surgical events during the same anaesthetic procedure were included, as were those undergoing surgery with an anaesthetic requirement involving dermatomes over T4 and lumbar or sacral dermatomes at the same time.

Results: Local anaesthetic volume and concentration were low, as were general anaesthetic requirements. The most common side-effect was hypotension which was easily managed with vasopressors.

There were no cases of intraoperative recall. Conclusions: The light general-epidural anaesthesia technique is an attractive option for cosmetic surgery. Tabla 1. Asociado al bloqueo neuroaxial, 40 pacientes El No se presentaron episodios de bradicardia que requirieran manejo con atropina. Tabla 2. Sevoflurane requirements to suppress responses to transcutaneous electrical stimulation during epidural anesthesia with 0.

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Reduction in requirement of propofol during combined epidural and general anesthesia guided by bispectral index.

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Clinical results of combined epidural and general anesthesia procedure in radical prostatectomy management.

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Heath Technol Assess. Services on Demand Article. Tabla 1 Asociado al bloqueo neuroaxial, 40 pacientes How to cite this article.


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