Next, we are introduced to Ahmed Kira, by day a laboratory assistant and by night an assassin with the notorious Black Hand network, who poses as an elegant pimp to lure British Occupation officers to their deaths. Mourad has already earned a strong reputation for producing suspenseful page-turners, and this one is no different, though it offers so much more than a fascinating read. Like an orphan tracing his roots, Egyptian readers will be struck by how little has really changed, and how profoundly our past has shaped our present struggles, as individuals and as a nation. Friday, June 5,

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Initially, the cover image of a sad woman in her 20s with runny mascara staring diabolically into her own reflection seems to signal an engaging thriller, in which the numbers turn out to be a secret code to unravel a mystery or solve a crime. The semi-fictional Kira sees Nazly for the first time at Beit al-Omma.

A romance starts as Kira begins recruiting potential activists for the Black Hand. A second love story emerges in a skillfully woven drama built around Warda, an Armenian beauty who fate throws into the hands of a prostitute-turned-madam called Bomba and a pimp called Salama, after her parents die from a respiratory infection known as the Spanish flu.

Dawlat, meanwhile, falls dangerously in love with Gen, while her brother Yassin is forcefully dragged from his village to build the Suez Canal and kill Turks in favor of the British. Mourad has no doubt surprised his wide fan base with this multi-protagonist novel. And it is almost shocking to read a book by Mourad that does not involve solving a mystery or breaking a curse.

As with Mahfouz, the story takes you around Cairo, from Azbakeya and Nasreya to Sayeda Zeinab and posh areas in Giza, and from a brothel to Beit al-Omma via the royal palace, through constant smooth scene changes that keep you hooked until the last page. Villains successfully smear the reputations of noble men who have fought for freedom and justice, friends turn against each other, the hero finds himself alone and alienated, and the masses are happy with a fake victory, refusing to believe that they could have decided their own destiny.

Haqqi, the last person to have seen him before his death, wrote that in a meeting in Istanbul he once offered to buy Kira a new pair of shoes, but the offer was turned down. They apparently bragged about leaving his body to rot and by picked at by vultures before Turkish police found it days later. Kira was buried in the Armenian cemetery that later became Taksim Square.

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1919 Ahmed Mourad’s Latest Egyptian Saga

The mega star Ezz hinted at the big news in a comment on an Instagram photo of himself and Abdel Aziz. No further details were announced regarding the starting date for shooting. However, the team has finished filming the trailer, which is expected to be released soon, according to Cairo The events of the novel take place during the English occupation of Egypt. The novel describes a rich world full of historical events, culture, traditions and more, offering a glimpse into this phase of Egyptian history and the Egyptian uprising that fought the occupation. The novel details several intriguing characters, including an Armenian woman named Ward who fled to Egypt to escape the genocide. Another stirring central character is Ahmed, who holds two markedly different jobs between the day and the night.


1919..ahmed mourad ...أحمد مراد

The novel was translated into 3 languages by different publishing houses, in The novel won the Mediterranean award in from Italy. It's in the process of being made into a movie in with the same name, Turab el Mass. The story begins with the protagonist Taha who is living a normal boring life, and works as a medical representative at a pharmaceuticals company. Until a mysterious murder occurs that changed his entire life.

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