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Portable Ventilators for Hazardous Locations Rated:. The Portable Ventilators described here in are intended for use in Explosive Atmospheres in accordance with the limitations of the rating. Euramco Safety hereby declares that the equipment listed in this manual conforms to the relevant.

This special condition of safe use refers to the fact that the Hazardous. Locations Fans referenced herein are supplied without an AC power plug termination for the power cable. Equipment must be selected with a suitable temperature classification for the gases and vapors present where the equipment is to be installed. Ensure that the maximumsurface temperature of any parts of the equipment are below the ignition temperature of the explosive atmosphere concerned.

Description of Apparatus. The Flame Proof Electric Motor. The lever is accessible via an attached push rod. Connection to the motor is facilitated by a Terminal Block mounted in an Increased. The enclosure features stainless steel grounding lugs, with a high heat silicon gasket. During the installation and start-up of the Euramco Safety blowers in areas where there is a risk of explosion:.

Blowers must be integrated into a system in a way to support accessibility for regularmaintenance. Perform careful inspection of each blower system to ensure ducting is securely attached toblower. All components of the blower system are made of electrically conductive material.

It is very important to properly and securely attach each piece to maintain a ground path. Ensure set-up, installation, operation, and maintenance are performed only by properlytrained personnel. DO NOT start operation if there are signs of shipping damage to blade, guards, or housing.

STOP, call your dealer. USE Ex-Rated receptacles for this equipment. See power rating label on limit. Stop the blower if mechanical noise, vibration, or other abnormal conditions occur. Any noise other than turbine-type pitch is not normal. To protect the user, this unit is equipped with thermal overload protection with automatic reset. Motor will restart without warning after protector trips. If motor thermal protector trips, disconnect unit and determine cause.

When ducting is required to remote the ventilator from the point of application in a potentially explosive environment, the ducting must be statically conductive and properly secured to ventilator to minimize the potential fan static electricity build up. Disconnect power before disassembly or cleaning. Never immerse or directly spray motor with liquids. Clean ventilator with commercially available biodegradable cleaning solutions. Do not use solvents containing hydrocarbons i.

MEK, Acetone. Do not move ventilator while fan is in operation. Use good lifting practices when moving ventilator to prevent bodily injury.

Keep fingers and hands clear of fan blade. Keep fan guard securely in place. Do not operate with damaged or missing fan guards. Use properly grounded power receptacle in potentially explosive atmospheres, and for operation safety. Ensure continuity to the earth. Fatal electrical shock may result if motor frame and adjacent metal are not grounded in compliance with electrical code.

Positive Pressure Ventilators and Turbo Ventilators, excluding engine and wear items, are warranted for one year from date of original purchase, to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Electric motors are warranted by their respective manufacturers. Wear items include feet, fasteners, handles, wheels, and paint, and are not covered under the warranty.

Fan impellers and shrouds are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for five years. Components exposed to.

Portable Blowers are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase. Duct is not warranted due to its intended use. There are no otherwarranties expressed or implied.


ABNT NBR 8800:2008

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NBR 8800:2008 - Projeto de estruturas de aço e de estruturas mistas de aço e concreto de edifícios



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