Iar mai mare dintre acestea este dragostea. Numele lor nu se cunosc. Treime din Sibiu; -Biserica Sf. Unirii Nr. Mare Mucenic Iacov Persul.

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Iar mai mare dintre acestea este dragostea. Numele lor nu se cunosc. Treime din Sibiu; -Biserica Sf. Unirii Nr. Mare Mucenic Iacov Persul. Slujba Sf. Stapane, Doamne, Iisuse Hristoase, pentru rugaciunile Sfantului Marelui Mucenic Ioan cel Nou, primeste rugaciunile noastre si ne izbaveste pe noi dintru toata nevoia si necazul.

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Christ has ascended! His two sisters accompanied him, forever with him. There is no telling which place Lazarus's two sisters passed forever. Praise song at Marta and Maria Receiving strangers virtue commanded by the Lord is. With her until today many souls have entered heaven.

The wonderful Abraham of hospitality but showed him without measure: without measure and from the heart, not hypocrite. King David again the welcome of foreigners a lot of honest; That's why King Saul's life has guarded. And when the one who before Abraham was He stepped on earth, From the house of David sunrise, forcing May darkness perish, Then Marta and Mary blessed Workers of this gift have shown themselves. Lazarus's sisters were them, For the rest of the troubled Not precupeating anything.

They got the biggest one back under the sun In their home to receive Him. Receiving him and resting him every one of him the sky won; Serving him perfectly with pure soul and food; Serving Him perfectly with good speaking and deed.

And the Most High rewarded them Perfectly. When death made this beloved home sad, For the sisters, Jesus pre Lazarus is risen, And their news and glory stretched until At the edges of the earth. This is the reward from the Lord Himself For the wonderful hospitality but, For the Lord loves hospitality The one made from the heart. Also on this day, the memorial of our Mother Sofia, the one of Thrace, who lived and with proper life.

Saint Sofia was born in Aenus, Rhodope, and was the mother of six children. Although busy with the worries and debts of this world, he kept the Lord's commandments and lived a life full of virtue. After her children died, she became a mother to orphans and helped the widows. He sold his wealth and gave the money to the poor. He led a life of austerity, eating bread and water. She had incessantly on her lips the Psalms of the prophet David and tears flowed from her eyes. She would rather deprive herself of the necessary ones than let a poor guy leave her house with her bare hands.

Through her humility and love for the poor, God blessed her in the following way. In her house there was a wine barrel she kept for the poor. She noticed that no matter how much she took from the can, it was still full. But as soon as he told someone about this miracle and praised God, the can was empty. Saint Sofia was sad, believing that the wine ended because of its unworthy character. Therefore, he increased his ascetic needs to endangering his health.

Feeling her end near, she got the haircut in monastic. Saint Sofia fell asleep in the Lord at the age of 53 Troparul of the Holy Martyrs Zotic, Atal, Shirt and Philip 4th voice Your martyrs, Lord, Zotic, Atal, Camasie and Philip, in their needs, the wreaths of undamage took from you, our God; that having your strength, the tormenting they crushed; they also crushed the powerless devils.

For their prayers, Christ Lord, save our souls. Atal, happy, you completely renounced yourself and the Cross of Christ to death; you loved God with all your heart and with your mouth you confessed him, shouting: Alleluia! Being lit by love to Jesus Christ, Camasie, the wrath of tyrants you faced and with great manhood the torments of death you endured, for looking at the eyes of your mind at eternal happiness, to God from the heart you were singing: Alleluia!

Philip said the apostle to Christ: "Lord, show us the Father and it will be enough for us". All the sons of the righteous Church honor your holy relics, Zotic, happy; and you, having boldness to God, pray forever for us humble, who honor you and to God we sing: Alleluia!

For the prayers of the saints of our parents, Lord Jesus Christ our God have mercy on us. Amen to you. See More. Sfinte Mare Mucenice Ioane, roaga-te lui Dumnezeu pentru noi, pacatosii. Saint Constantine Voivodule, an apostle of the right faith, you have made yourself through many trouble for the Church of Christ, helping the Orthodox Romanians in Transylvania and the righteous in the lands under Ottoman rule. For these, to you, Saint John the New and Constantine Voivode, we are heading as well as to martyrs and apostles who have preached at the cost of your life.

And we who honor your memorial and who, being, in the field of the mission of the Church, we are tired, prayer with piety, dared to you, dared to your help. We confess that our strength is powerless, a little skill and wavering faith. We are weak, divided and at heart in preaching the word of God. Before the enemies of faith we are weak and defenseless from our actions. Have mercy, Holy Martyrs, and we do not deprive your help and blessing. Enlighten our darkness in which we blind.

Guide us and show us the different temptations and appearance of evil, lest we fall into the races of crafty. Help us get out of the attempts that have encompassed us and from danger to deliver ourselves. Strengthening and enlightenment for Christians, and from the naval of temptations you free us. For many troubles include us and many confrontations and testing faith deviate upon us. But with your prayers and blessing, mercy from the Most Merciful God we hope to acquire, as we, together with you, to give the good testimony of faith and truth.

They were martyrs by the Turks, in Istanbul Constantinople , in This month, on day two, the Orthodox Church makes the memorial of the one among the saints our Father Nichifor the Confessor, the patriarch of Constantinople.

He lived in the time of the kingdom of the pagan emperor Constantin Copronym, born in the Empress of the fortresses, Constantinople, his parents were of good nation and famous, calling himself Teodor and Evdochia. This Teodor was a scolder of the king's books. And being a defendant that he is a worshipper of the gods icons, he was tormented with fights, and sent to Milasa with terrible security, and after that he was called, and disobeyed to the king's commandments, again he was banished to Nicea, and living there six years with a lot of need, he got his end.

And his son, the honest Nichifor, was wrapped with the wreaths of Orthodoxy and raised with the milk of the right faith, and passing the age of the child and well-learning, was made in the fog of writers.

Afterwards, thinking that all are chaff and spiders, he went from the city and went to Propontida. And there alone was given to God, partying with many hard work and bad party. So happening to the great Archiereu Tarasie, Nichifor was asked by the Emperor to take the chair of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

So, in a short while later, the emperor appointed above, and becoming his son Stavrache heir to the kingdom, whose short life being, received the scepter of the kingdom Michael the best. So, this one coming down from the kingdom Leon with the name of the beast, and taking the kingdom, stood against the holy icons, and upon our righteous faith.

But it is impossible to say and write how much he boldly said to the pagan and that filthy honest Father Nichifor. And the ugly God, immediately sending him down from the chair and banishing him and putting him in the dungeon, gave the commandment not to have any search or comfort from anyone. And so the brave soul remained struggling, until this villain emperor renounced his soul, being cut and broken by his people in the church in Far.

And this happy man, being upset by needs and bad passions in many years, and being close to 70 years, gave his soul into Christ God's hands, spending nine years in the archiery and 13 years in banishment I wish you a lot So, his memorial is committed in the honorable church of the Holy Apostles, where his honest relics are located.

XIV in Trebizond city. He was a merchant, faithful, godly and firm in his orthodoxy, being generous to the needy. Once, on a ship dealing with his trade, the captain of the ship, who was not Orthodox, conflicted with John, discussing the faith. Disliking the words of the saint, the captain decided to retaliate and give him trouble once he reached the White Fortress.

While the ship was accosted at the White Fortress, the captain went to the leader of the city who was a fire worshipper and told him that on his ship there is a learned man who also wants to become a fire worshipper.

Thus, the leader called John to join the idol worshipers and to renounce his faith. God gave him courage and wisdom to deal with the unbelievers and to confess rightly that he is a Christian, after which he was subjected to cruel beatings and body his flesh was torn apart and his flesh was falling apart. The Holy Martyr thanked God for making him worthy to shed his blood for him, cleaning him from his sins. The heathens put him in chains and locked him in jail until the next day.

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