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It now became a part of the Jamaica Defence Force with the advent of Independence in At present, the JDF currently consists of approximately one 01 Brigade Group, along with other essential supporting elements. The resources used to achieve this capability are primarily air, maritime, infantry and engineer assets.

La globalizacion imaginada garcia canclini

Despues de dos decadas en que la globalizacion fue narrada como destino ineludible de la modernidad, comienza a estudiarse la variedad de intercambios, desencuentros y desigualdades que provoca. No la imaginan del mismo modo el gerente de una empresa transnacional, gobernantes de paises centrales o perifericos, migrantes multiculturales o artistas que buscan ampliar su audiencia. Solo una franja de politicos, financistas y academicos sostiene Garcia Canclini- piensan en una globalizacion circular.

De secretis mulierum

Secreta Mulierum is a manuscript from the late thirteenth or early fourteenth century frequently attributed to Albertus Magnus , although it is often thought to be more likely written by one of his followers. Drawing on Hippocratic, Galenic, and Aristotelian theories on sex and reproduction, this narrative discusses the male scientific views of female nature in the Middle Ages and early modern period from both a medical and philosophical perspective. Over eighty manuscript copies of the treatise have been identified, and it has been translated into multiple different languages over the centuries.

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